Let us have a throwback to the vogue of 2019 when everywhere you can only see is Chanel 19. While we are going into the depths of this blog, you will understand why it is not always easy to create a design and make it become a “forever” classic. 

Karl Lagerfeld, a legendary indeed, added a new addition to the history of the great name “Coco Chanel”. 

Chanel 19 is a gorgeous and versatile bag that absolutely will go with 70% of your outfits. But you know, investing in such expensive bags is a big deal, especially in today’s age of inflation. So why not get a Chanel handbag base shaper to enhance its quality and span? So let’s go ahead as there are many more things to explore about the great Chanel 19. 

Chanel 19 – The Name’s a Bit Odd?

Looking at its name, you might be thinking that maybe it is just a 19th bag released by Chanel. But actually, it is based on multiple events of Chanel about the number “19”. Firstly, Coco Chanel’s birthday is on the 19th of August. Secondly, there was also House’s Chanel 19 perfume, released in 1971. Thirdly, the bag was officially launched in the year 2019. 

Key Features Introduced By Karl Lagerfeld

It is quite vague that Chanel is the king of designing flap handbags. Later on, Karl Lagerfeld added such established and iconic styles into the bag that made Chanel 19 different from others. It gives a bit of casual, informal and less structured vibe. 

You know, what is more, satisfying about this bag is that its looks and aesthetics resonate with today’s trends, but also, it’s quite difficult to think that it will ever go out of the trends. As I have mentioned, it is a “forever classic”. 

1. Diamond Quilting

The legend Coco herself designed the quilting for Chanel 19 for its appearance to become more appealing and much bolder. Its trendy elegance definitely took over the history of the whole fashion industry. It is surely a bag “to be remembered”. 

2. Triple Chains

A chain mix of silver, aged gold, and ruthenium together adds up to other unique representations in Chanel 19. This combination of three metals is firstly for the long shoulder strap, playing a good role as a crossbody bag. A top handle to hold in any occasion that should display your grace. Thirdly, the iconic CC logo.

3. Small Size, Large Space

They call it “roomy”. Usually, Chanel 19 is available in 4 different sizes, but each of them (even the smallest) offers a great deal of space for your regular purse essentials. It also includes a zip pocket for your cards and money. Chanel 19 also has a back pocket that resembles most of those of its flap handbags. 

4. Materials

If we talk about quality, there is no other fashion house that can surpass Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld, the man he is, created a masterpiece using goat skin, lambskin, printed fabrics, sheet sequins, and wool tweeds. The pricing of Chanel 19 depends on the fabric it is made of; leather is the most expensive one. 

5. Colours

Looking at the pretty colour choices of Chanel 19 will leave you confused about which one is more satisfying. Choosing between neutrals to hot colours, we can say that the purse is lust-worthy!

For leather, there are classic and elegant colours like brown, light and neon pink, red, blue, gold and red. These colors give your bag the most decent look that you have ever worn. 

Chanel 19 also comes up with herringbone and neon graffiti prints crafted with leather fabric. 

What Makes It Prettier? 

The grace of a bag is displayed only when you wear it with the right outfit. But still, if it does not match the vibe, then it definitely means that your bag is out of shape. 

As for working women, it is hard for them to take care of their bags on a regular basis after a long, tiring day. They just put it anywhere. Actually, they themselves ruin their expensive bags. A simple solution is to insert a base shaper into the bag. We have good variety for bag base shapes visit our Mboutique blogs section and choose one.

For Chanel 19, just insert the liner inside the bottom of the bag. Make sure to buy one according to the exact size of your bag. M Boutique online stores can help you out in getting a new and suitable base shaper that will enhance the beauty of your Chanel 19. 

Final Words

As you have read, nothing surpasses the elegance of the legendary Chanel 19, including its prettiest diamond quiltings, multiple elements for chains, different colours and sizes, huge space and much more. Chanel 19 is perfect for them all. 

Predicting the future of fashion, there is no chance for Chanel 19 to be forgotten in history. It is hoped that it always stays in the limelight. For a better version of your bag, hit a visit to M Boutique to customize your Chanel 19 bag base shaper.