A tiler is Fliesenleger someone who takes full responsibility for all the details of flooring and tiling . Tilers are usually used for bathrooms and kitchens. There are also several commercial businesses that rely on tiles and the same goes for the hospitality industry. Many professional tillers also double as do-it-yourselfers to break up the monotony of tiling.

Hire tiler , also hire the skills he brings. He lays the tiles flat and smooth, making sure they are well aligned and in line. They also have the right tools of the trade to do the job properly. A tiler can work with a wide range of tiles, including ceramic or slate tiles.

A tiler must complete a number of tasks to complete the job. First of all, he needs to correctly assess the number of tiles you need for a particular surface. These tiles then need to be cut to the right size and shape. If there is restoration work to be done before the tiling work, he will do this first. He then prepares the area by applying screed and adhesives if necessary. Next, he will lay the tiles with precision to ensure the end product is smooth and straight. Once that’s done, he applies grout between the tiles to hold them together.

Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, floor layers have to ensure that the water flow in the room is directed to the drains without damaging the tiles.

Visiting the tiler will also cost you some money and that depends on several factors.

The quote you receive is based on your tile supplier and the caliber of tiler you hire. The level of site preparation is also important to the final bid. The area of the room to be tiled is also important.

On this basis, milling machines calculate a cost price per square meter. Once the room has been accurately measured, look at a price of this type – ceramic tile is around $95 to $170 per square foot, quarry tile starts at the same value and goes Fliesenleger in der nähe up to around $130. When you consider it, installing ceramic tile for wall tiling can cost as much as $160.

Remember that you will be given a rough estimate first and a certain percentage will be added on the final bill.