It is simply clear, isn’t it, that organic food is much healthier than foods that are grown with the help of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical substances. But in the fast lifestyle, the fact is often overlooked, and shop for things that can be easily sourced. Yet, emerging research is shedding light on the profound impact of our food choices on our mood and overall mental well-being. Among the many dietary considerations, two stand out: choosing organic and locally sourced foods.

The trend of buying organic food is just getting crazier with each passing day, and this blog covers the fine points of why it is so. How happy hormones food can do wonders for your mood, and what are its advantages.

Reduced Exposure to Pesticides

Pesticide residues in conventionally grown foods have been connected with several cognitive and neurological issues for centuries. They do affect cognitive function, and thus, you must choose wisely. Organic food items may cost more, but your life is at stake here. By opting for organic choices, you can reduce the exposure to harmful chemicals and their radical negative effects.

Higher Nutrient Content

Food grown with the help of pesticides is heavy in chemical substances and less in nutrients. The deficiency of nutrients and intake of potentially harmful chemicals can cause mood disorders like depression and anxiety. A diet rich in essential nutrients is crucial for emotional balance. Organic foods are richer in nutrients, a well-known fact, and thus support mental health.

Lower Toxic Load

Non-organic foods have higher toxicity levels, and they affect not only your mood but your overall health. Eating organic reduces your toxic load, supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes and promoting a happier mood.

Local Advantage

Locally sourced foods are produced near your community and are often fresher and more environmentally friendly. Choosing locally-grown organic foods has multiple advantages, which are listed below:

Enhanced Flavor

Fresh foods are more nutritious and taste better. Consuming fresh foods has a positive impact on your mood. Plus, they spend less time in transit, which means they are more affordable as the vendors don’t add transportation costs to the price, which makes for fresher, more nutritious, and affordable food.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Knowing that your food choices are environmentally responsible can contribute to well-being and satisfaction. Supporting local vendors reduces carbon footprint and gas emissions and creates a safer environment.

How to Incorporate Local and Fresh, Organic Food into Your Diet?

Here are some ways to include fresh, organic food into your diet.

Visit Farmer’s Market

Stop buying fruits and vegetables from malls and online grocery stores. Farmer’s markets bring fresh stuff to the market, which is healthier and is not kept for days before it is sold to you.

Grow Your Own

If you have a backyard and like gardening, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables. Fresh vegetables sourced from your own garden have unmatchable nutrient levels. You can also plant herbs on your windowsill. What’s better than growing your own authentic herbs?

Read Labels

When shopping at grocery stores, look for organic certifications and inquire about the origin of products to make informed choices.

Turn to Ancient Solutions

Ancient Ayurveda has many herbs that work on your energy and sleep patterns and, thus, improve your mood. Some of them are shared here:


Ashwagandha is a widely used herb that reduces stress and anxiety, increases stamina, and improves sleep quality.


Jatamansi or Nardostachys jatamansi is a flowery plant known to treat insomnia and improve sleep quality.


Basil, or Tulsi as it is known in Indian households, is a natural herb that improves your overall well-being. Consuming basil extract helps you feel more relaxed and improves your focus and energy. It can be consumed in tea, or you can also consume the whole leaves with water in the early morning.


Triphala is a combination of three fruits- amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki. It is known for improving mood and relieving depression and anxiety.

Final Words

Your food choices significantly impact your mood; thus, happy hormones food are popular and should be included in your diet. In case it is not possible to make an immediate switch to organic foods, you can choose one of the food supplements available in the market, such as Rootine Organics’ Energy and Sleep, which have natural herb extracts that profoundly help lift your mood and provide energy to achieve your goals.