Public projects, municipal or council based, need to work with finance DTA consultants, to ensure the success and transparency of their project. There is a strong and important relationship between public projects getting off the ground and being successful, with the private financial consulting firms who provide the expertise, guidance and financial and management consulting. Public projects can work with any private consulting firm they choose, provided that consulting firm has the expertise and skilled staff, for their particular public projects. Most public project management teams choose to work with the same private consulting firms over and over, as they know who was good and who has led them to success in the past. The relationship between public and private firms is an important one, and it is up to the public enterprise to choose their private partners carefully.

Public-private partnerships
Public projects always use public-private partnership consulting firms, focusing on the finances. A public project uses tax payer’s or funder’s money and so transparency is vitally important. There can be no misuse of the money. Public projects are varied projects, including things like car parks, clinics, hospitals, libraries, parks, recreation centers … anything that is created for the public using the public’s money. Because the money is not coming from private investors, there has to be full transparency and total accountability all the way. Public enterprises must have private enterprises consulting or managing the financial aspect of the projects.

Many public workers choose to work with the same private financial firms all the time, as this way they get to know and understand one another. Private consulting firms also provide workplace or in-house training, as and when it is needed, broadly and across all sectors. The best relationships come between public projects and finance DTA consultant, ensuring deadlines are met and there is always full disclosure.