The process of drawing in, vetting, and choosing competent candidates for a position at a company or organization is known as recruitment. Hiring well is essential to attaining high organizational performance. They are available to assist you in the difficult task of quickly and affordably selecting the most suitable applicant for your open position. For the benefit of their clients, they are successfully introducing a criterion so that the recruitment process may be manipulated on both ends.

Headhunting Methodologies

Their methodical approach ensures that the client receives the most qualified pool of applicants available on the market. This necessitates the headhunter using several approaches at various phases that are most suited for the client’s requirements depending on expertise, industry, and preferences for a particular post. We will discuss here recruitment Agencies in Islamabad.

Duration of Services

They are using the following procedure to provide recruitment and headhunting services.


  • Meeting with the client to learn about their needs for talent resources is important because, in our opinion, doing a kickstart with reviews is always preferable.
  • The signing of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) starts the headhunting process.
  • They generate and disseminate a pool of shortlisted applicants by employing all relevant methodologies.
  • The client provides input regarding the submission for additional processing, like an interview or test.
  • The resumes of shortlisted applicants who were contacted through headhunting are continuously shared by them
  • Once the headhunted prospects have been shortlisted for placement the customer is happy.
  • The invoice is shared by them
  • The client pays the bill in ten to fifteen business days.
  • Make a shift, We possess a cat’s eye vision.


Our Distinctive Resource Knowledge

With their internal sources, they can expertly provide you with the following resources, which you can filter and access.


  • Retired Army officers work in the corporate sector in the technical department, security, and administration.
  • Technical recruitment experience in the fields of power generation and information technology.

Independent Payroll Providers

Islamabad Recruitment Company, a strategic HR partner, launched its second-largest third-party payroll outsourcing wing in response to market demand to provide streamlined, flexible payroll outsourcing services at competitive rates. Their mission is to support our clients in achieving measurable cost savings and improved service performance. They take great pride in having contributed to the development of businesses such as Fiber Home International and the Fauji Group of Companies.


Since this wing’s founding, we have effectively installed our payroll system at our clients’ workstations to enable the most effective and efficient services possible. They specialize in offering the specialized unit to address employee grievances, industrial relations issues, and human resource legal compliance to public sector organizations including taxation, Social Security, and employee engagement programs.

Services Offered

  • They enter/capture, calculate, and complete the client’s payroll, including claims and salary payments each month. They do this in the greatest secrecy using all payroll-related data that the client, Pakistani Statutory Bodies, has given them.
  • To guarantee that the information supplied by the client complies with all legal requirements as well as the policies and procedures of the client’s business, They offer the extra services of helping the client collect and screen the information.
  • Before the specified date of crediting, they request the signatures of the client’s authorized payroll signatories on a Letter of Instruction to several banks.
  • Every month, they request checks and funds requisitions from the client to pay salaries and wages through a variety of bankers, as well as statutory payments (such as checks from Faysal Bank, Standard ETCed Bank, ETC for resignations and new hires made after the monthly payroll deadline).
  • Before the timeframes indicated, It sends all of the payments listed in item 4 to the appropriate bodies together with the necessary paperwork. Checks are deposited into employees’ bank accounts following the timeline.
  • Data submission to them, including employee details, allowances, deductions, resignations, and new hiring.
  • Submitting information to the client for review before the payroll is finalized.
  • Preparing money and paying employees’ salaries through bank accounts or other channels.
  • Reports are submitted to the client for documentation purposes client issues checks to statutory bodies in payment.
  • Following each payroll period, they will create the following standard payroll reports:
  • Payroll overview.
  • Reports on deductions and allowances.
  • Reports throughout time
  • Reports on salary reconciliation
  • Reports on Statutory Compliance

Combined Payroll

If you have multiple companies that are part of a single group of companies, they can publish all reports for each entity as well as combined reports to help management make decisions.


  • Every month, it distributes the pay stubs for all payouts, sorts them, and delivers them straight to every location where the client’s employees are located in Pakistan.
  • They will handle the submission of the necessary paperwork to the appropriate authorities for any new employee hiring or resignation on your behalf.
  • It creates reports as needed, at the client’s request, as long as the payroll software can handle the task. Nevertheless, if and when more help is required with any payroll-related issues that require project completion, a formal quote will be generated for the Client.
  • It serves as the Client’s payroll helpdesk, returning calls and emails daily. You can contact our assigned team leads at any time of day with any pertinent issues.
  • In the format specified by the client, It creates the accounting journals for payroll costs and the accounting journals for financial month-end provisioning. Calculate the leave balance using the financial month-end data, then transfer the results to the client’s accounting system to determine the leave accrual.
  • Calculate the leave balance using the financial month-end data, then transfer the results to the client’s accounting system to determine the leave accrual.
  • Every month, It prepares adjustment journals for the reconciliation and conducts reconciliation on all accounts relating to payroll.


Education & Training

The training of both technical and soft skills has become increasingly necessary for the sector in recent years. It is now necessary to develop human resources to achieve organizational goals. The training and development department has divided its training services portfolio into two areas to meet this need.


This cadre facilitates our clients’ needs for professional training. Through supporting the client’s negotiations and the end-to-end delivery of training services (both technical and soft skill training). This corps makes it easier for university graduates to graduate. Education institutions and IRco-SMC-Pvt. Ltd. have teamed up to support students in becoming engaged, productive professionals.