The dynamics of in-game economies in MMORPGs, such as OSRS, can swiftly change, impacting the profitability of various gold-making methods. To stay ahead, players often seek the most lucrative skills and strategies. Let’s explore the current top methods for accumulating OSRS GP.


Thieving stands out as a versatile and accessible skill for players seeking a profitable venture. Early levels can be achieved through pickpocketing, completing quests like Fight Arena, or stealing from Cake and Tea stalls. Thieving Master Farmers becomes a viable option from level 38, but for maximum gold per hour, aim for a higher Thieving level.

Pickpocketing Paladins in East Ardougne near the castle and market is a low-effort, rewarding task. This method becomes more lucrative with a Thieving skill of at least 70.


Contrary to its historical reputation, Smithing has become remarkably profitable, thanks to the Blast Furnace. This efficient method surpasses others in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness. Starting at level 50 Smithing with mithril bars yields around 600,000 Gold Pieces per hour. As you progress to level 85 Smithing, crafting Runite bars can generate 1.2 to 1.3 million Gold Pieces per hour.

Explore other ores for additional opportunities within Smithing, making it a surprisingly profitable skill.


Runecrafting remains a consistent source of profit in OSRS. Focus on crafting Double Nature Runes and Wrath Runes to maximize your gold-making potential. Double Nature Runes have historically been reliable, and the introduction of Wrath Runes adds a new dimension. Wrath Runes can yield up to 1.6 million Gold per hour, making them a lucrative choice.


Engaging in combat remains a high-yield method, offering three to four million Gold per hour. Targeting specific monsters enhances your earning potential. Demonic Gorillas, Revenants, Brutal Black Dragons, and Lizardman Shaman are among the best choices.

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Adapting to the evolving landscape of OSRS, players can maximize their gold-making endeavors by strategically incorporating these top methods into their gameplay. Stay informed, adapt, and watch your wealth grow in the world of OSRS.