Are you looking to change the tiles in your house? Do you have any idea which tile will suit each room? No! So, here you can solve your confusion easily!

A tile design should tie properly with your room’s look, so they must be chosen wisely. Knowing what to consider and where to begin, you can make a well-known decision. However, there is an uncountable selection available in the market.

Besides aesthetic appeal, you must consider many things while selecting the tile choice. We know it can be challenging; thus, go through the article below to decide the tile choice for every room.

Tile in Surrey

Here is the informative guide you must consider when you are choosing a tile in Surrey.

1- Know the tile options

Porcelain tiles are stain-scratch-proof. Though, ceramic ones are denser & robust. Vitrified tiles are stain, water, and moisture resilient.

You can get them in various forms like opaque finish with glazed tile, soluble salt tile with various patterns, body tile with consistent colors, and two-tone charged color tile. Cement tiles are the classic choice which is good for a striking appearance.

2- Choose the tile finish

The ones with matte finish are non-reflective and slip-resistant. These are not easy to stain or get dirty. On that, the chances of falling on slip-resistant tiles are less. There is another option available, a semi-matte finish.

They also provide slip resistance, but it’s brighter than matte tiles. The smooth finish tiles are reflective and bright, giving the house a lovely space. However, these tiles are slippery, so avoid using them in moist environments.

3- Bathroom tile

If you want tile options for your bathroom, we advise choosing anti-skid tiles as they are a safer option for your family. These are available in various patterns, hues, and styles. Avoid smooth finish tiles. They are slippery when they get wet. Make a valid choice of tile Surrey offers by considering bathroom utility.

4- Living room tile

Living rooms are spacious and see a lot of crowds, so your tile choice should be dense, sturdy, and porous. Porcelain tiles are the best choice which provides you with these factors. If you want a wood-like appearance for an extraordinary look, ceramic tiles are the choice that is stain and moisture-resistant.

5- Kitchen tile

When choosing kitchen tiles, strain-resistant tile is a must-have quality. They should also be non-slip, strong, and moisture-resistant. Give your kitchen tile Surrey needs a close inspection and make a favourable choice after exploring all the options you get.

Parting Take

You can get a clear idea with all the above points and make a profitable choice after proper understanding. To choose a tile in Surrey, Sammy’s Designer Flooring will provide you with all the options you need. We provide you with a vast option of tiles, marble, porcelain, and much more for your flooring choices. You can explore all the options when you visit our showroom.

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