It has been two years passed since the Covid-19 gone. But the impact of the pandemic time has still stayed with us. No one can deny that covid-19 has changed the world completely. Almost it has been touched every aspect of our life and affects everyone in a different way, the other, good or bad, big or small. In this case, E-commerce sectors are no exception.

During the pandemic time, several things which we took for granted are no more, and many things we found to be very new and also exciting and emerging. Corona has changed the behavior of consumers, manufacturers, as well as marketplaces. Coronavirus has been shaken up the supply chains of businesses in has a manner that proven to be a herculean task to put them back together.

Here are the 4 result of Covid-19 Positive Impacts on E-commerce:-

Encouragement of Social Media Utilization:

As companies close down and demand for shifting goods online, and even consumers started hunting for alternative shopping methods, E-commerce companies took full advantage of their digital marketing to attract consumers. E-commerce brought social media to the forefront. Social media was edged of breakout in terms of use and adoption by big businesses. During the pandemic time, the enormous marketing and growth opportunity helps drastically.

Adoption of Online E-commerce Shopping In Less Developed Regions:

With the pandemic bringing life to normal life, there loomed a serious threat of the wealth gap increasing evermore. Where shops were closed and people feared to continue their businesses, various shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Jebek Shop, Apollo Pharmacy, PharmEasy, BigBasket, and Blink It supplies all the essential commodities as per the needs to give service to the consumers. This presented a profitable opportunity for E-commerce companies, to begin offering online shopping opportunities in every country.

More Variety of Goods At E-commerce:

As many people wanted to buy essentials online, it also opened for multiple avenues for business purposes to emerge and extend their digital presence. The demand for commodities household, medicine, and personal care there are various E-commerce apps. For household and grocery, there is Big Basket, Blink It. For medicine, there are Apollo Pharmacy, PharmEasy, and Mediplus. For personal care, there are Myntra, Meesho, and Vofey Shop.

An Explosion of Online E-commerce Payment Methods:

The avail and comfort of online shopping, people with the fear of transmitting or contracting the virus, led to a unique adoption of online payment methods, especially in developing countries like India. Though Cash- The on-Delivery method remains to be a very dominant method of payment,  the online payment method also runs at marathon speed. Nowadays almost in every place, online payment is acceptable from shopping malls to small van shops. People also enjoy the smooth online transactions of credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc.

In this way, we can clearly see how COVID-19 challenged the in-store business and gave opportunities to E-commerce businesses to spread their work and search for new and alternate sources of revenue and present them in a helpful manner in public.