The world is changing rapidly. We live in a time of news, innovation, technological development, and high competition. New brands appear in the markets every month, trying to win their niche. The promotion of products and services is handled by experienced marketers who develop marketing strategies to bring a product to market and develop it further. To be a competent and up-to-date professional, you need to keep your skills to date constantly. Therefore in recent years, master classes, professional events, forums, and coaching sessions have become so popular both in Russia and abroad. Real industry leaders speak at such events. One such coaching speaker is Roman Tovstik, Vice President of Marketing at NL International.

marketing expert Roman Tovstik
To become a sought-after speaker, it is necessary to have an excellent background – education, skills, and experience, confirmed by work results. Roman Tovstik is a well-known figure in the marketing field. Roman was one of the pioneers of network business in Russia and one of the founders of NL International. Starting with enthusiasm and faith in his strength, Roman Tovstik brought the company to multimillion-dollar turnovers from scratch. And all thanks to the author’s marketing strategy, which Roman has developed over the years of his work.

Among the achievements of Roman Tovstik there is the opening of a wide network of representative offices and offices in Russia and abroad of NL International, the launching of a high-quality call center, the establishment of a logistic chain of supply, the opening of his production and unique laboratory Ultrainovation R&D Laboratory in Koltsovo in Siberia. All these steps have helped NL International to survive the crises and remain the market leader.

Seeing the high results of NL International and marketing expert Roman Tovstik’s work, representatives of big companies began to turn to him to hold corporate training for their top managers. Today other companies in Russia and abroad are adopting Roman Tovstik’s marketing innovations. Due to his experience and knowledge, as well as the demand for high-quality author training, Roman Tovstik has developed a unique presentation entitled “How to raise the company from scratch to a million-dollar turnover. The theory of success from Roman Tovstik”. In this presentation, the author shares his professional experience and marketing tools that he uses in practice.

Today Roman Tovstik heads a whole department of professionals in the company and is Vice President of Marketing at NL International. In addition, a large part of his life is occupied by the author’s educational training that Roman conducts all over Russia. These training and seminars are attended by marketers from different parts of our country to gain knowledge and methods of Tovstik. Events have already been held in cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ufa, Kazan, and other major cities. The number of listeners is enormous: only in Saint-Peterburg, about 2000 people attended the training, and a total of almost 80 thousand people attended Roman Tovstik’s training. Many specialists come to the seminars several times because each presentation is different from the previous one. At each program, listeners can gain new knowledge and improve their skills.

expert Roman Tovstik marketing

Of course, to interest a vast audience of listeners for a few hours, you need to have leadership and oratory skills. Training sessions of marketing expert Roman Tovstik are distinguished by their emotionality, energy, and lively, interesting presentation. As Tovstik Roman believes himself, without additional education and master classes, today can not develop any specialist. The main thing is not to feel sorry for yourself, not to be lazy, and strive for development. Only in this case can the expert reach the heights and benefit their company. And an example of such a specialist is the ideological inspirer and motivator of NL International, the speaker-coach in marketing communications Tovstik Roman.