Are you curious about how PET bottles are tested for strain and durability? Small stress or strain present in the PET bottle will lead to damage to the quality of the product. PET bottles should be tested against stress and strain to ensure that the quality of the product will not get affected.

The stress and strain tests help manufacturers in identifying potential problems while a product is still in the development phase so that changes can be made before production. Thus, to test the stress present in the materials, we at Presto have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as a Polariscope strain viewerThis is one of the high-quality testing equipment that is used to test the defects and strains present in the product and is widely used in the PET bottle industry to test its quality. In this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the Presto Polariscope strain viewer and its role in the PET bottle industry. So, let us get started!

Polariscope strain viewer: Test the defects present in PET structures easily

PET bottles should be tested for stress and cracks to ensure that the product meets its specified quality standards and can withstand normal wear and tear over time. Stress testing helps manufacturers identify any potential weaknesses in the PET bottle’s structure, while crack testing allows manufacturers to ensure that small fragmentation of the material cannot occur.

Moreover, these quality tests are important not only for safety and product quality but also for legal compliance – failure to meet the specific requirements for any type of PET bottle may result in the deterioration of the product.

Presto offers a high-quality lab testing instrument known as the Polariscope strain viewer that is used to test the defects present in the products and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers. You can easily test the preform defects with the use of this quality testing equipment.

Now, let us discuss more Presto Polariscope strain viewed and what is a Polariscope used for.

All about Presto Polariscope strain viewer

The Polariscope Computerized model by Presto is specifically crafted to detect deformities and stresses in glass and PET structures. It is extensively employed for assessing PET preforms and glass structures. This testing equipment will work on the principle of optical refraction, of light. This simply means that the light will not deviate from its path and creates birefringence effects.

Users of the PET bottle industry can easily test the defects, strains, and stresses present in the product and ensure that the quality of materials will be delivered to the customers. You can easily identify different defects present in preforms easily with the help of this quality testing equipment.

This laboratory testing equipment designed by the experts at Presto will easily determine PET structure defects and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers.

Now, let us discuss brief information about the features and technical specifications of this quality testing equipment.

Features of Presto Polariscope strain viewer computerized

The materials like plastics will get subjected to mechanical or thermal stresses. This will affect the quality of the material, as different types of stresses, defects, and strain patterns will directly impact the material. Thus, we at Presto have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as the Polariscope strain viewer, also known as a strain viewer which is a widely used lab testing equipment in the PET bottle industry to test the defects, strains, or cracks present in the product.

It has been equipped with several advanced features that are mentioned below:

  • Two light intensities were offered: monochromatic light and Sodium Lamp.
  • Sharper and clearer optical viewing experience.
  • Standard Template for viewing sample at 45º and 90º angles.
  • Large Viewing glass area.
  • High-resolution camera to take pictures with integrated POLCOM software
  • Standard reference defect pictures preloaded in software for easy reference
  • Pick & Place feature to compare test preform image with a standard image.
  • Test Report includes Reason for Defect Along With Suggested Action.
  • Inbuilt hardware/software CD.
  • Easy Data Management. Users can create product identification, company, check by details, etc.

Technical Specifications of Presto Polariscope strain viewer

  • The instrument provides a viewing area of 260mm x 240mm.
  • The machine works on a power supply of 220V.
  • The dimension of the testing instrument is 335x360x500 mm.
  • Standard T template Measuring Angle 45º and 90º

With these high-end features and technical specifications, one can easily conduct a quality test on PET products. If you have any inquiries or requirements, feel free to contact us via phone at +91-9210903903 or by email at [email protected]. Our team of knowledgeable technical experts is available to advise you on any requirements or inquiries you may have.

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