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You will get everything you need, from high-quality nail polishes to precision tools. Make your nails a canvas to show your creativity, and never go out of style! Transform your home nail care routine and make a dent in the world of glamor. 

Why Is Nail Care So Important?

Taking care of your nails is a must. Here’s the nail-worthy information you need to fix into your head. Read on and gain insights; 

Brushing and trimming your nails on a regular basis prevents germs accumulation. So don’t let your nails house the bacteria that causes infections. Proper nail care even ensures to prevent you from ingrown nails. Here, professional products take part and play an important role. It puts a check to cut and trim your nails with precision. 

Besides, showing some art never goes in vain. Adoring your nails with beautiful hues and nail art gives them aesthetic appeal. 

Buy the Top 10 Best Nail Care Products Online in India at Cossouq

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Buy Deborah Milano Nail Remover Online

Polish away your nail paint and turn on the shine of your nails with Deborah Milano Nail Remover at Cossouq. Packed with a delightful aroma, the mixture is solvent and allergen-free. Gentle on nails, it swiftly removes the nail enamel without making your nails weak and dry. 

Get the best nail care in the comfort of your home. Knock on the door of Cossouq and get mesmerized by the amazing discounts. 

Note: It is designed for use on all nail types, notably those prone to fragility.

Buy Getmecraft Nail Buffer Professional Nail Files Online

A gentle reminder for you! Revamp your nail grooming schedule and get sharp and shiny nails using Getmecraft Nail Buffer Professional Nail Files. You can easily get this online by visiting 

It creates naturally smooth nails with ease. Moreover, it gets fit into your handbag with no hassle. What are you waiting for? Get square, round, or oval-shaped nails and enhance their beauty. 

Shop it online from our website and enjoy seamless shopping. 

Note: It is suitable for both fingers and toenails. 

Buy Bronson Professional Nail Art & Mini Makeup Mixing Palette Online

Here, we are revealing the ultimate secret to making you a better nail artist. Try Bronson Professional Nail Art & Mini Makeup Mixing Palette made with high-quality stainless steel. Wear it to mix the nail enamel of your choice effortlessly and get your dream nails in minutes. 

The palette possesses a compact design and is light in weight. Besides, you can turn it squeaky clean using soap and water. 

Note: This nail color palette is suitable for nail color mixing pigment, eyelash extensions, foundations, lipstick, concealers, lip gloss, and much more. 

Buy Revlon Nail Enamel – Teak Rose Online

Pour some vibrancy into your nails and make them look fabulous using Revlon Nail Enamel – Teak Rose. Its smooth texture is made using chip-resistant and anti-fade technology. Its wide applicator brush makes sure to touch the edges of your nails. Moreover, it provides great coverage and lasts longer. 

Shop it online from Cossouq at an affordable price and let beauty be at your fingertips. 

Note: Before using the nail paint, roll the bottle and don’t shake, as it can trigger the dreaded air bubbles. 

Buy JUICE Nail Enamel Combo 1 – 15 Tickle Me Pink Online

Gift your nails perfect a finish using JUICE Nail Enamel Combo 1 – 15 Tickle Me Pink, available for purchase online at Cossouq. It is intense and drip-resistant, and the zero-chip streak-free nail color ensures easy and precise application. Made with a long-lasting formula, it keeps the shine of the nail color intact for 7 days. 

Make no compromise and give your nails a glossy shine with exceptional coverage of rich pigments. Shop and drop the best nail products online from our website and slay with your looks, be it any occasion. 

Buy BlushBee Organic Beauty 12 Free, Vegan, Hi shine, Quick Dry Nail Polish Online

Polish and make your nails look more glam with the vegan and cruelty-free BlushBee Organic Beauty nail paint. Its wider brush allows smooth and easy application. The hues are made avoiding 12 commonly used yet dangerous toxic ingredients for the safest nail polish.

Get vibrant nails with rich, lustrous color payout in 2 coats. Shop the nail polish from Cossouq and fall in love with every shade. 

Buy Deborah Milano All In One Nail Enamel Online

Get shades for all your moods at Cossouq. Try Deborah Milano’s Orange-red hues to go bright and loud. This versatile nail paint is made using a breakthrough triple-action formula. It is combined with the power of base coat, color, and top coat. 

Get out of the boring look and get salon-like results at home. Buy nail polish online from Cossouq and enjoy seamless shopping. 

Buy Elitty Mad Over Nails – Nail Coat – Low Key Combo Online

Dazzle your nails with every coat using Elitty Mad Over Nails – Nail Coat at Cossouq. The goodness of Witch hazel and Vitamin E extract helps in keeping your nails healthy and brittle-free. Made with 12 toxin-free formula, the nail paint provides a long-lasting shine to your nails. 

Indulge your nails in a rich pampering session with a chip-resistant and non-yellowing texture that glides smoothly on your nails.

Pour some colors into your elegance. Drop the nail coat combo into the cart and match it with your attire. 

Buy Renee Cosmetics Gloss Touch Nail Enamels – Everyday Nudes Online

Give your nails the shine they deserve! Try Renee Cosmetics Gloss Touch Nail Enamels – Everyday Nudes at Cossouq with varied shades ranging from bright Reds and Pinks to Pastels and Monochromes. This chip-resistant paint does not stain your nails after it gets removed. 

Get flawless manicures and pedicures like nails with smooth and chemical-free pigments. Shop it online from Cossouq and get amazing rewards. 

Buy Color Fx Matte Top Coat Matte Finish Online

Paint your nails with flawless and highly pigmented nail enamel. Get your hands on Color Fx Matte Top Coat Matte Finish and get a gel-like finish. Whether you are a beginner or professional, this Vegan and Cruelty-free nail paint will ensure full and long-lasting coverage. Shop it without any hassle from Cossouq, and sprinkle some sparkle on your nails. 


How Do Professional-Grade Nail Polishes Differ From Regular Nail Polishes Available in Stores?

Professional-grade nail polishes are of superior quality and offer better pigmentation, longer wear, and consist of fewer harmful chemicals. They’re designed to provide flawless, salon-like results with simply two coats of it on your beautiful nails. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Professional-Grade Nail File or Buffer?

Professional-grade nail files and buffers are designed to shape and smooth your nails without causing damage. They offer precision and control, helping you achieve an elegant look with super ease.

Best Nail Care Products Online Price List at Cossouq; 

Bronson Professional Stainless Steel Makeup Mixing Blending, 1pc & Nail Art & Mini Makeup Mixing Palette, 1pc – ₹395

Vega Large Nail Clipper (Glitter) LNC-02- ₹86

Bronson Professional Glass Nail Shiner & Filer- ₹209

Asmee Hamper – 10 Golden Treasure Classic Nailpolish + Lotus Pink Premium Nailpolish + Mustard Yellow Gel Nailpolish- ₹553

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