One of the universal health problems found these days is balding. Millions of people are suffering from it due to many factors at large. It is never desirable simply because hair is so important in our lives. Hair forms a significant base of our essential identities and gives us a role to play in society. Starting from our overall appearance to confidence factors, everything is taken care of with our hair. But balding leads to the compromise of all these factors and hence has to be dealt with.

Are you thinking about how you can address this issue? Well, the answer is simple, and it is to opt for a hair transplant in India. There is no better solution in this case, and you must understand this diligently.

There are many benefits that you will derive from a hair transplant process. Most importantly, it is a permanent solution and nothing temporary. Then what is important to know is that the side effects are rather minimal. Compared to hair transplant cost in USA, it is very much affordable in India, and thus so, many people tend to opt for this process at large. You can go on to have an overall better appearance than in the first place.

But why do you need such a process? Of course, it is due to balding. So for your convenience, we will explore the different reasons that lead to balding so that you can gain clarity in that matter. So go on to peruse this with due diligence. 


People might require hair transplant in India when balding occurs due to prescriptions. Albeit medical advances are now immensely great but coupled with them, the number of people suffering from various ailments has increased too. Therefore, it has led to an increased intake of prescription medicines. These medicines might be responsible for cancer or any other harmful disease. One of the ripple effects of these harsh medications is balding. Hence if you are a patient undertaking many complex medicines, you are vulnerable to balding. In that case, we can say that the best solution is a hair transplant simply because of the numerous benefits it offers, as we discussed above.

Thyroid issues

Many people tend to suffer from problems concerning the thyroid gland. Now, these can impact their bodies in various manners, and balding is just one of those ways. Overall disastrous consequences can be found in thyroid gland malfunctions. So those who suffer from thyroid complications must be alert even more than others when it comes to the issue of balding. Such people will be much more vulnerable to this issue. It is often better to prevent it beforehand. Your physician can advise you further in this case. If balding still occurs, then it is best to opt for the hair transplant process in India as the hair transplant cost in USA is rather unaffordable.

Genetic issues

Genetics is the basic foundation of our life as our medical footprints are all over it. Therefore, all these varieties of genes tend to regulate different aspects of our lives at all times. So if someone is inflicted with a gene that might cause balding, then they are very much vulnerable to it, and there is little that they can do about this. However, it should be mentioned that merely carrying the gene does not mean it will inevitably result in balding. But nonetheless, the overall vulnerability of balding occurring, in that case, will increase exponentially. 


This is by far one of the biggest ailments of modern life to reckon with. No one among us can do without stress. It has somewhat colonized all of our lives and thus is so much problem, to begin with. It can have severe negative effects not only on our bodies but also on our minds. Hence addressing these factors on time is very important. However, an often ignored aspect is that stress can also lead to balding. So if you suffer from enormous stress, then chances are high that you will also suffer from balding. Your vulnerability quotient increases many times in this case. Always make sure that you stay away from stress. In the long run, avoiding stress will only lead to a positive impact on your body.

Dietary factors

Some of us have a fixed diet, while others do not have so. Often it happens that, unknown to us, our diets make us vulnerable to a range of problems to reckon with. These include the issue of balding as well. So be careful about what you eat. It is better to take the guidance of a nutritionist to know more about this.


Hence, to sum up, there are many reasons that might eventually lead to balding. We recommend opting for a hair transplant process in that case.