Being mobile roadworthy is important as it provides many benefits to car owners. The definition of roadworthy means that your vehicle whether car, truck, motorbike, or any other gets the certificate of being safe for selling, buying, or transferring. The mobile roadworthy certificate ensures that you are always safe on the road. The easy process and convenient application for the mobile roadworthy certificate to a few agencies make it possible for you to get it single-handedly.

Why do you need a Roadworthy certificate?

Well, having a roadworthy certificate of RWC is important to prove that your vehicle is safe to be driven on state roads. A safety certificate makes it easy for you to transfer its ownership to anyone in the city or state. The ownership of RWC passes through affirmations of the Department of Transport. In case the vehicle fails to testify as safe according to the standards of the department, the title for transfers won’t be granted to the owner, also, the car may become deregistered.

Who issues these certificates?

For getting a safety certificate, one has to reach out to a licensed assessor. Only a licensed assessor or accredited safety inspector can grant you the certificate.

What to do after receiving the Safety Certificate?

Once you receive the Safety Certificate from the licensed assessor or inspector, attach it along with the purchase or transfer form and fee. Submit the documents to the Department of Transport. When everything is done as per the requirement, the department transfers and updates the transport records of ownership. In other words, the vehicle is yours! However, remember to visit the Department of Transport within 60 days of receiving the safety certificate. You cannot exceed the 2000 km limit before submitting the paperwork to the department. If you fail to meet both or one condition, the certificate will expire and you’d have to start with a new certificate issue process.

How long one has to wait for the inspection to be complete?

The process of inspection includes a thorough examination of your vehicle, a road test, and completing a report written at the end of the Safety Certificate inspection. The whole process may take up to an hour to be assessed and approved. The inspection can be only done by a well-proficient, licensed team.

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