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In recent decades, the success rate for finishing a Ph.D. has been around 60-70 percent. The fear of failure among Ph.D. students that their Ph.D. thesis will be rejected is caused by either a lack of hard effort, support, or confidence.

To overcome the fear of failure, it is vital to ensure that an increase in others compensates for any deficiencies mentioned above.

Let’s look at some strategies for overcoming your worry of failing your Ph.D. thesis.

Face Your Fears

Addressing your fear is the first step. Students in academics frequently fail to complete their Ph.D. degrees because they cannot fully confront their fears. The fear-induced unease consumes all of the student’s attention, and they begin to doubt their ability to write and their decision to pursue a Ph.D. program.

At such moments, it is critical to remain calm and consider why they began their Ph.D. program and thesis and how much effort they have already put into the program. This might help you address your worries, and you will be aware that your anxieties result from them.

Identify the Cause

The next stage in overcoming your fear of failing your Ph.D. thesis is to pinpoint the source of your anxiety. This is critical because students frequently associate the explanation with numerous factors that are not the actual cause. You could believe it’s because your classmates are performing well, but the comparison does not explain correctly.

Self-dissatisfaction is often accompanied by fear. It doesn’t happen because you put more faith in other people’s abilities; it happens because you don’t trust yourself enough. As a result, it’s critical to pinpoint the source of the anxiety and the cause behind it so that we may consider alternative remedies.

Make a list of possible solutions

What’s left now that the fear has been handled and the explanation has been discovered? Identifying potential solutions. Only once you understand what is creating the fear can you resolve it. External help, such as help from your mentor or supervisor, may be required in some circumstances to overcome your fear of Ph.D. failure.

If you are concerned that you lack the necessary abilities to write a Ph.D. thesis correctly, you must improve those talents. Writing a thesis is not a cup of cake, but it is also not rocket science that cannot accomplish. “Hard effort usually beats talent,” as the adage goes. Through patience, practice, consistency, and strenuous effort, you can overcome your fears.

Give it your all

Finally, you can never be sure of the outcome, but you can always give it you’re all. Fear of failure can be difficult to overcome since no amount of practice, hard effort, or confidence will ensure that your Ph.D. thesis will be approved, but it can be better than before.

Furthermore, it is quite improbable that a Ph.D. thesis will be wholly incorrect. As a result, the research committee frequently proposes changes to the research. Investing time and effort into creating your idea helps you comprehend it better and reflect on the recommendations by making changes.

“Wait for the Best but Be Ready For the Worst”

“Be Prepared and Never Lose Hope,” we want to say to you after the day. Though we sincerely hope that one of our readers receives a positive response, we don’t want to discourage others interested. The preparation of a Ph.D. thesis is rigorous, and the selection process is much more so.

Instead of focusing on failure, concentrate on the trip and the learning process. You might not break the previous record on the first try, but you can build a research that does it the second time around. So, don’t give up hope and head to LiveWebTutors immediately to get 24/7 thesis help or Assignment Help Services from 2000+ professionals, and obtain a flat 30% discount on all orders. Best of luck!

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