While combining with the online shopping needs with a sense of urgency, same- day delivery network has changed the way of delivering parcels to people. The service providers have been testing this type of service for a long time, and they have achieved a long feet in such service.

The customers are getting their value for the money, as service providers are pushing for this kind of delivery to satisfy the customers. There are lots of benefits for service providers, and customers as well. There are several types of things that you need to know about the service, which will make things clear for you in a perfect way.

Same- Day Service

When the service providers deliver the parcel on the same day of booking, it is called same- day service. For example, if you book a package in the morning, it should be delivered by evening. Service providers put extra effort for such deliveries.


It is seen in previous times that service providers used to deliver on the next day, after the parcel was booked on the previous day. Customers usually get dissatisfied at such services. Service providers, henceforth are changing the norms , and trying to deliver parcels on the same – day.

It is seen that customers are also becoming happy, as they are receiving the parcels with the same – day delivery in Kolkata. On the other business entities are also been able to provide multiple goods to the customers, as service providers are able to deliver parcels with a specific timeframe.

Cash on Delivery

It has become easy for customers to pay for parcels, as service providers are delivering them within a few hours. Customers are able to gather the cash , and keep them ready for the arriving parcel. It is helping service providers to receive the cash on the same- day of delivery, as they are not taking any headaches of due payment.

Business entities are also benefitting from this service, as the parcels are being delivered in a proper time.

Return Management

The packages must be returned by the service provider, when the delivery’s intended recipient is unlikely to accept it. It is seen that service providers need to manage the same – day service so that the parcel can reach the receiver within a specific time.

Monitoring and Tracking

It is seen that courier agencies have given customers tracking apps that will be helpful for customers. You will able to track the time of starting time of parcels journey, and will be able to follow the routes of parcel. You will be able to check whether your parcel is in a traffic jam.

Your will be able to check time of delivery of parcels as well. You will be able to check whether the parcel has reached the destination in time. You will be able to check live location of the person carrying the parcel, You will be able to communicate with the person carrying the parcel. You will be able to estimate the time of delivery as well.


Service providers keep a flat rate, as they provide same- day service. While service providers are providing fixed, and listed for such services, the activity area is divided into specific areas in advance. In addition, service providers consider the payment , and accounts settlement for same – day orders.

It is seen that while some customers pay cash, and online, some of them want to pay through the bills.

Satisfying the Demands of Customers

It is seen that courier services are here to satisfy the demands of customers. While each parcel will be delivered within a specific time, service providers will keep a record in a specific way. Service providers use the software that integrates, and connects with the systems. While there will be an API, customers will be able to integrate with the software, and place the order to the company.

Service providers are also keeping excel files, as they provide same- day courier service in Kolkata. It will help them to keep a full detail of parcels that has been dispatched for delivery. If a customer wants to check the dispatch of parcels, they will be able to show them with a blink of eye. It will ultimately help customers to remain satisfied.

Better Productivity

Services providers who are providing same0 day service will offer high productivity.  Since they have great team of personal, they will be able to provide same – day courier service with ease. The trained team knows the routes of the city, and will be able to deliver parcels with ease. There will be better productivity for the service providers at the end.

Low Operating Costs

Since local service providers do not use large vehicles for such deliveries, henceforth the operation costs will be low for them. All the parcels will be delivered in a timely manner with great efficiency.

Bottom Line

There are several things, which you want to know about service providers. It will help you to book parcels for delivery.