If you’ve never used a wig before or only worn a wig a few times, you need more time to learn how to wear your wig correctly. You could be making one of the following mistakes. 

We want to ensure that you will have a great experience while wearing your wigs, so you will need to make sure you’re not making these mistakes. Following are the 10 Most embarrassing mistakes, along with how to fix them. 

Not Wrapping Up or Pinning Down Your Hair

You want your wig to be as invisible as possible. If you don’t pin your hair, then your hd frontal wig can look puffy on your head and unnatural. 

Cutting off extra Lace from a Frontal Wig OR Wearing your wig too distant on your forehead

To ensure that the wig looks natural, you will want the Lace to be visible at the part rather than along your hairline. If you’re not wearing a lace frontal wig, you want the wig to begin right along your natural hairline and then let the closure bangs or frontal hair of the wig go from there. 

Adding No Product To Your Wig

A famous misconception is that you should not wash or apply any product to your wigs. But you need to add some product to your wig. This is compulsory. Since wigs do not secrete natural oils, you should add some products to keep your wig soft, healthy-looking, and in good shape. 

Looking for Perfection

Your hairline isn’t completely straight, and no one’s hair ever looks perfect. When you see someone with an ideal wig, it often doesn’t look amazing. 

Don’t try to make your wig look best; work on making your wig look as natural as possible on your hairline and your head!

Using the Wrong Wig Glue or Wig adhesives

When using glue or wig adhesives to secure your wigs or hair extension pieces, you want to ensure that the adhesives dry clear. Some leave a pretty unattractive residue that draws attention to your wig. Some of them also shine, which stays on your forehead and makes your wig look very unnatural. 

Ensure to look at reviews for the wig adhesive to ensure that you won’t have any issues. 

Not Matching Your Hair Textures & Styles

Whenever you wear a remy hair wig that is not made of the same texture or in the same style as that of your natural hair, it is going to look mismatched. 

Pick a straight and smooth wig if your hair is straight and soft. Choose rough and curly hair with closure if your hair is coarse and curly. You get the picture. 

Wearing the Wrong Color Wig Cap

Surprisingly this makes a difference. Especially when you’re wearing lace front wigs. Wearing the wrong color wig cap permits the wig cap to display to others that you’re wearing a wig for hairstyling. 

If you push the hair face and the cap hiding your hair is visible, it will be embarrassing. 

Using an Unflattering Style

Another problem is not styling your wig once you have installed it or styling it in a way that doesn’t suit your face. Not styling your wig correctly can lead to early damage. 

When wearing any wig, you need your hair to be styled to properly suit your face so that you look great, rather than an unflattering style. Also read, tips for travelling with hair extensions.


Sometimes people need to secure their wig adequately, and it either falls off or starts shifting. Any wig wearer knows nothing is scarier than thinking your wig will fall off. 

Ensure to use the combs in your wig and also don’t forget to use bobby pins to secure your wig.