We often underestimate the power of the mind. How is it that we have delved deep into space, described the chemistry of black holes, and looked back into the past as far as the inception of this universe…yet we are unable to fully understand the minds that lead us to these incredible feats.

The human brain is programmed to survive, but it can also be programmed to do anything you want it to. Which includes healing of microscopic cells and, ultimately rejuvenation of Book To Improve Mental Health.

Let’s discuss the mechanisms behind the placebo effect. And is it real?

The placebo effect

Oddly, you might have heard of the placebo effect being associated with infamous medical scams trying to trick people into thinking they have found their healing.

The placebo effect is the process of the body’s healing which is not triggered by the medicine itself. Often, you’d find doctors recommend sugar-coated tablets for an illness. And after a couple of doses, you feel yourself getting back in shape. Viola!

But what is happening inside the mind?

It is not the chemistry inside the medicine but the unprecedented belief your mind invests in it that triggers the healing of cells.

What the placebo is not is spontaneous remission. The illness simply tracks back or reverses without any hindrance.

But we still need to be more accurate with the magnitude of this phenomenon.

The cure rate with placebo effects ranges from 15 up to 72 percent.

The cycle goes, and the longer the prescribed placebo “medicine,” the more the patient is to visit the hospital. The result? A greater placebo success rate!

It’s life hacks, quite literally.

Program your placebo

Going through an illness? Here’s how you can strengthen the placebo effect in your body.


Exercise is an excellent way of getting the ball rolling for your placebo to be fully effective. Your body pumps your organs with more and more oxygen which nourishes them and helps them stay healthy in the long run (no pun intended). Aerobic exercises are most helpful as compared to weight training. The idea is to get your heart rate up for better results.


Stress is toxic to your health. There’s nothing a fun hangout with your friends can’t cure. Rekindle canceled plans and spend your time socializing with the ones you love. It helps if they’re funny too. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.


Another tip to reduce stress is to build a daily yoga routine. This is a merger between physical and mental exercise. The body works synchronously with the mind, which is the ideal condition for a placebo.

Program your placebo by programming your mind. Gohar Yasin Chaudhary’s book, Program Your Mind, delves into more comprehensive life hacks to help you live a healthy life. With elaborate techniques and routines to help you understand your brain’s functions to live a life of prosperity, this book is definitely not a placebo… or is it?

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