We all would agree that when it comes to shopping for underwear, we generally pay less attention to what we buy. However, underwear should be given more attention as they are important for your body and your outfits as they are closely connected to your skin. You should not be ignorant and pay attention to your lingerie shopping. Following are some tricks you can implement to buy the perfect panties:

Fit and comfort

Wearing uncomfortable panties makes you feel uneasy the entire day. You do not feel at ease if they are too tight or continuously twitch in the wrong places. Women panties should always be comfortable and fit you well. This is achievable once you determine your ideal size. Knowing your size accurately is crucial when buying panties. Before that, measure your waist and hip sizes.

Only use the brand size chart for this purpose as the size measurements could vary between brands.


Do not hesitate to splurge on high-quality panties with gorgeous lace or a beautiful pattern. Wearing them boosts your self-esteem both on the inside and the outside by improving your appearance and comfort level.

Body type

You should buy panties based on your body type and the clothes you wish to wear with them. Always opt for panties that complement your physique. For instance, if you have a wide stomach, wear high-waisted panties. High-waisted panties for ladies are highly comfortable, especially if you have a curvy body or an hourglass figure. If you have a larger back, you can choose boy shorts. They provide decent coverage if you have a large butt or a pear-shaped figure.


Brands ensure nowadays to use only high-quality fabrics for their undergarments to match your individual preferences. Most women emphasise the fabric over the style or design as that is what makes panties so comfortable. Once you analyse the right material for your underwear, you can lower the chance of rashes and infections around your intimate area.


The comfort and breathability of underwear and women t-shirt bras are crucial as they are responsible for your comfort the entire day. A lot of women claim that picking underwear at a physical store or on an online website is a subjective experience. So, by remembering the tips mentioned while shopping for panties, you can make the experience merrier.