On city street advertising stands, in souvenir brochures, and many other places, we can see small images with inscriptions known as logos. If you have a good idea about fashion trends, then you can take advantages of fashion trends knowledge to design a brand logo for your business. They serve a marketing and information purpose. Any company that wants to be respected must design the perfect logo. Creating a logo is a complicated and multifaceted task, and among the many crucial aspects is the choice of colors. Let’s see it in more detail.


Meaning of a brand logo
Logos are graphics placed on a background, with or without inscribed text. The logo represents the company, and the color of the background draws attention, while the inscription informs that person about the company. A great logo should be clear so it stays in the brain for a long. The design should be simple. Recent studies in marketing have revealed that brains automatically remember only logos with 3-5 elements. If there are more, the person has to work hard to remember a photo that has text. The color scheme is very important, as each color reflects unique feelings and emotions.


Why are colors and colors crucial?

  • Think about the most used colors and their psychological meanings.
  •  Black, durable, and solid, as used in the logos of elite educational institutions.
  •  Clean, neutral white, fresh, and adorable, and used to create logos for flower shops and bridal salons, medical institutions.
  •  Consistent, conservative, solid gray is often seen in law firm trademarks and logos.
  •  A strong, unbreakable, elegant beige color that can be seen in almost all the logos of shops and decorative accessories to decorate a flat or a house.
  •  Red, alive, and young. There are a variety of colors in the logos of public notice sites and sports stores.
  •  It is a bright, cheerful yellow color. Cheerful, optimistic, and positive. He is an employee of photographic studios.
  • Simple, friendly, and warm orange is usually used in conjunction with yellow. It complements it.
  •  The greenery, peace, tranquility, and friendliness are perfect for gardens and pastry shops.
  •  Timeless and philosophical Blue likes to read books.
  •  Purple is associated with money and luxury used by bookmakers and investment firms.
  •  Smooth and clean, perfect for clothing stores and beauty studios.

When mixing colors, values may vary. Don’t mix black and red, as it can cause anxiety. There is no need to mix gray and brown. It looks dull and gloomy and is not suitable for ritual organizations.


Follow the guidelines below:
It would be best if you thought about your object or the image of the product you plan to design. Consider the possible associations in this list. Then you can invite relatives and acquaintances of different genders and ages to help increase effectiveness and organize an active brainstorming session.


Find the associations listed using colors.
Create a variety of different logo styles. Use electronic tools to help you draw more easily, such as the specialized Turbologo tool, which features various features with a high-quality color base and a user-friendly interface.


Tips for picking the right logo color
Conduct a sociological study or take a survey via the Internet. It is essential to know the opinions of the people using the product, as well as the questions to ask: Do you enjoy the design? What emotions do you experience when looking at the product? Is it worth improving the background color or the symbol?

Make your final choice, examine the scale of the product, and the logo in your chosen colors should look attractive on a street stall, e-brochure, or souvenir. Please note that the logo should be simple, no more than three colors. It is advised to choose orange, yellow, and red.

Logos play a crucial role in the growth of any business. Please do not ignore it. You must invest time and energy to develop a high-quality product. The development process is best carried out in teams. Drawing can best be done using a free service known as Turbologo. You don’t need professionals to design your work; anyone can handle the task. With more shine, the product will surely be recognized and remembered!