Life is all about balance. You work hard, play hard, and in between, you need to hydrate hard. The good news is that freestanding water coolers stand tall and deliver liquid refreshment when we need it most. But have you ever wondered how to give back to this magnificent machine?

In this blog post, we’ll dish out ten foolproof tips to maintain your freestanding water cooler and ensure it keeps quenching your thirst with style.

1. Regular Cleaning

Give your water coolers a little TLC by regularly cleaning them. Start by unplugging and removing the bottle, then grab a mild soap and water mixture to wipe down the external surfaces. From the top to the sides and even the drip tray, every nook and cranny deserves some attention.

For the inside, a vinegar and water solution will do the trick. Rinse everything thoroughly, and voila! You’re ready to assemble again.

2. Sanitising the Dispensing Area

The dispensing area is where you get your water, so let’s keep it spick and span. Use a food-safe sanitiser and a soft cloth to wipe down the nozzles, buttons, and surrounding surfaces. Pay special attention to areas that come into direct contact with your hands.

3. Changing the Water Bottle

Changing the water bottle is a breeze, but let’s make it smoother. Before removing the empty bottle, wipe the neck and handle area to prevent sneaky dust or dirt from entering the reservoir. Then, with grace and finesse, place the new bottle and ensure a tight seal to prevent those pesky leaks.

4. Regular Filter Replacements

If your cooler has a built-in filtration system, show it some love by replacing the filters regularly. Don’t worry; it’s not complicated! Just follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. By keeping up with filter changes, you’ll enjoy clean and refreshing water every time.

5. Check for Leaks

Periodically inspect your water cooler for any signs of leakage. Look for dampness, water stains, or even a pesky drip from the nozzles. If you spot a leak, tackle it head-on to prevent further mishaps and ensure a continuous water supply.

6. Maintain Adequate Ventilation

Our coolers need room to breathe, just like we do. Keep your cooler at least a few inches from the wall to allow proper ventilation. This simple act prevents the compressor from overheating and extends its lifespan.

7. Clean the Drip Tray Regularly

The drip tray collects excess water and prevents spills. Make it a habit to empty and clean the drip tray regularly. Warm soapy water works wonders here. Rinse it thoroughly, dry it, and pop it back in place.

8. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your water cooler, as they may damage the internal components or contaminate the water. Stick to mild soap, vinegar, or food-safe sanitisers recommended by the manufacturer.

9. Maintain a Clean Environment

A clean environment makes all the difference in maintaining your water cooler’s hygiene. Take a moment to wipe down the surrounding surfaces regularly and encourage everyone to keep things tidy. No one wants dust, dirt, or mystery crumbs near their water oasis!

10. Schedule Professional Servicing

Consider scheduling a professional service for your freestanding water cooler. Experts can thoroughly clean, check for potential issues, and ensure that your cooler is running at its best. Professional maintenance also provides peace of mind and helps identify problems before they become major concerns.

With these ten awesome tips, you can maintain your freestanding water cooler like a boss swinging in your office chair.