Car Repair

We understand the importance of safe and reliable driving. That’s why our team of experienced mechanics is dedicated to providing the highest quality car repair services. From oil changes to major repairs, our certified technicians have the expertise to get your car back on the road quickly and safely. We use only the best quality parts and materials, so you can rest assured knowing your car is in good hands. Our team is committed to providing fast, friendly, and quality service, so you can drive safely knowing your car is in tip-top shape. Whether you need a routine service or an emergency repair, you can trust our team at Car Repair Bromsgrove to get the job done right the first time.

Why do you need a car repair service?

One of the most common reasons is that your car is not performing as well as it used to. If you notice that your car is not accelerating as quickly as it used to, or if it seems to be harder to brake, then it might be time for a tune-up.

Another common reason for needing a car repair service is that your car is not as safe as it used to be. If you notice that your car is pulling to one side or that the brakes are not working as well as they used to, then you should take it in for repair as soon as possible.

Finally, another common reason for needing a car repair service is that your car is not looking as good as it used to. If you have noticed that the paint is starting to chip or that the upholstery is starting to wear out, then you should take it in for a tune-up. This will help

Car Maintenance Checklist

To keep your car in optimal condition, it is important to regularly check and maintain the following components:

  • Keep Your Car Inflated

  • Replace Your Wiper Blades Regularly

  • Replace Your Headlights

  • Get Your Oil Changed

  • Replace Your Air Filter

  • Use Engine Additives

  • Keep Your Car Clean

  • Check Your Tire Pressure

  • Check Your Battery

  • Check Your Coolant

  • Check Your Brakes

  • Check Your Belts and Hoses

  • Check Your Steering

  • Check Your Suspension

  • Check Your Exhaust System

  • Check Your Electrical System

  • Check Your Lights

  • Check Your Mirrors

  • Check Your Wipers

  • Check Your Horn

  • Check Your Windows

  • Check Your Windshield Washer Fluid

  • Check Your Windshield

  • Check Your Tires

  • Check Your Wheels

  • Check Your Caps and Rotors

  • Check Your Steering

  • Check Your Suspension

  • Check Your Alignment

  • Check Your Wheel Bearings

  • Check Your Tie Rods

  • Check Your Transmission

Also make sure to check for the following:

  • Air Filter Maintenance

The air filter is an important component of your vehicle’s engine; it filters out any debris or harmful matter that could cause the engine to malfunction. It is recommended that you change the air filter at least once a year to ensure the vehicle functions at its highest possible efficiency and to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Additionally, you should have your brakes checked regularly to make sure they’re operating properly.

  • Tyre Rotation

Rotating your tires effectively can increase their lifespan and help you get the most out of them. Here is a guide to help you rotate your tires correctly:

  1. Jack up your car and secure it with jack stands.

  2. Remove the wheel nuts and tires from your car.

  3. Place the tires in the correct order for the rotation pattern you want to use.

  4. Put the tires back onto the car, making sure to tighten the nuts securely.

  5. Lower your car from the jack stands and check the lug nuts for tightness.

  6. Repeat these steps for the remaining tires.

  7. Have your wheels aligned by a professional.


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