The following are the best ways to look best dressed in t-shirts.

#Examine the dress code

Wearing a t-shirt for any occasion would require you to think twice. The truth is these garments
are not fit for every event. They are synonymous with casual gatherings and you do not want to
be caught wearing one to a formal event. To avoid this scenario, make sure to check the dress
code beforehand. Some occasion demands a suit and some would require you to wear a long-
sleeved shirt with collars. Even if it is an office party, check if it is appropriate to wear a t-shirt to
the event. No matter if you look good or confident in a t-shirt, if the occasion doesn’t call for it,
you will definitely look out of place. If you need new wardrobe inspirations, you can always look
into top t-shirt designers’ suggestions and find the fit you need.

#Understanding your body type

To rock your t-shirt, you need to dress to flatter your body shape. Not all t-shirts are meant for
every body shape. Before you invest, take some time to examine the category you fall into. You
can easily find references online to help you guide through the process. If you are someone who
has a large upper body, know that a tight tee will only accentuate the weight you carry in the
midsection. To get a clear picture, you can refer to content from any menswear designer and
see what designs go well for you. On the other hand, if you are lean, an ill-fitted t-shirt will attract
more focus to the leanness of your hand and your upper torso. So, one of the secrets to
dressing well is choosing a t-shirt that compliments your body. The right outfit will look well on
you even when you do not have a muscular physique.

#Choosing the right fabric

Most of the t-shirts in stores come in cotton or cotton-poly mix, but there are plenty of materials
out there that will look much better on you. In fact, top menswear designers recommend going
for t-shirts made of materials like merino, jersey, pima, and stretch fabrics.