A diamond comes with lots of sparkle and brilliance. It is enough to dazzle you and make you pine for a diamond-embellished piece of jewelry. It is interesting to learn that the Radiant Cut Diamond has created waves from the time it was first introduced. Well, that is not surprising. This particular cut is known for its brilliance, and the classic lines displayed so well.


What is the Radiant Cut?


The brilliant cut facet is seen on the crown and pavilion of this diamond. This includes the presence of 70 facets that form the pattern of a kite at the center of the gemstone. You may find a more triangular shape on the radiant diamond that accentuates shine and sparkle; to a great degree. Another thing that you may check is the cropped corners. The amount of cropping may alter the shape just a little with several diamonds being more squarish and others resembling a rectangle. However, this trait has succeeded in increasing its popularity as well. The cropped corners do not get caught on clothes or accessories making it almost damage-free.


Well, you may find the cut similar to an emerald cut too. However, the radiant cut comes with increased brilliance in comparison. A top-notch quality radiant diamond includes a flat table at the top, making it wider than the other cuts. Many connoisseurs of diamonds define the radiant cut diamond as a combination of round and emerald cut diamonds.


Buying Tips


Do not be overly concerned with the clarity of the diamond when you want to invest in a radiant-cut gemstone. While it is okay to check the cut and carat weight with a fine-toothed comb, you may overlook the clarity just a wee bit. Remember that a tiny inclusion will be well-concealed by the cut. So, be sure to ask for an SI2 grade of clarity. Finding a colorless diamond may be difficult as this shape is known to hold color. Go for a diamond-graded I on the color scale, and do not even think of going further down.


Best Settings to Choose From


There are settings galore when you want to have the magnificent radiant diamond set into a piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, you cannot go overboard and try something unsuitable. Feel free to highlight its beauty by accentuating its sparkle and brilliance. You should opt for any of the following: –


  • A solitaire setting will put the entire focus on the diamond
  • A micro pave band holing the radiant diamond at the center
  • A halo setting that is sure to bedazzle the viewers
  • Three-stone setting with the radiant cut diamond taking center stage
  • An intricate vintage setting with a thin band

While most settings will work for this cut of diamond, be sure to avoid the bezel setting as it will hide the sparkle of the diamond, making your investment a waste.


It will please you greatly to know that many of the top Hollywood stars are besotted by the radiant cut diamond.