In healthcare IT solutions, digital tech is transforming overall firms, including healthcare. With its incorporation, doctors and patients do not have to go through the traditional ways to deal with the consultation. However, medical staff and administrative staff do not have to tackle the overall process in traditional ways. And, it has now become easy to incorporate the process of healthcare into the digital process. Also, healthcare is the toughest industry to incorporate and optimize with digital solutions.

It has also been seen that after the year 2020, the usage of digital tools in the digital world will reach new heights. Like the usage of health and fitness apps, it has increased to a new level. There are various people who use this device to calculate their health.  

Today, in this blog, we will be summarizing all the details of the crucial healthcare software: 

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software 

It’s the most popular and famous software used by the healthcare sector. It’s somewhat similar to the CRM, which is already being used by the medical industry.   

To make you understand more clearly, let us tell you that it basically collects the information of patients to deliver apt medicines and reports that they used to get earlier through the traditional ways. It also showcases the history, medicinal record, and prescription. 

Listing the two most crucial EHR software: 

  • Electronic patient record software (EPR) 

  • Electronic medical record software (EMR) 

Medical database software 

It’s somewhat similar to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software, which is used for overlooking the data of the patient’s history and the overall treatment roadmap. There is one difference from the EHR: it doesn’t look at the patient’s profile; instead, it calculates through the disease. This makes it easy for the doctors to collect information by categorizing it through symptoms, the treatment process, and the recovery journey.  

Medical research software 

This software is used for two purposes: one is for educating patients about medical substances, and the other is for sharing research work in the medical industry. This sort of software is used to provide training to medical students that supports the diagnosis process. 

Medical diagnosis software 

It helps in listing the patient’s record, not leaving any room for complaint, and filling the gaps with the correct diagnosis process. This software also allows you to get correct diagnosis data, and it often incorporates AI to get the patient’s report. 

Medical imaging software 

This helps you visualize the primary process of rectifying the MRI, CT, or PET scan and designing the 3D models. Used for printing patient data, like their teeth, before and after the orthodontic treatment process. 

E-prescribing software 

These days, companies are adopting the electronic method, and this software is becoming the most needed software for healthcare workers. It tracks, lists, and abolishes the prescriptions of the patients. 

Telemedicine software 

It’s the most used software of this era; telemedicine provides appointments to patients online, either through the web or a mobile app. 

Appointment scheduling (booking) software 

Booking appointments has become easier, and now hospitals can easily manage and book them online. Also, the feature contains an online notification that works as a reminder for doctors and patients regarding the appointment. 

Medical billing software 

Keeping track of the hospital, keeping track of the patient’s payments, and financial operations. It often gets integrated into bigger systems. 

Hospital management software 

It assists the hospital administration with its daily operations. These programs usually focus on accounting, medical billing, and others. This software assists in keeping the records of the patients. 


It’s always good to implement this software into your healthcare industry to ease overall business. This will improve the overall healthcare industry, save time, reduce costs, and provide accurate patient data. If you’re looking for a healthcare software development company, then you can contact OrangeMantra. For medical software development services, we have an expert team who can seamlessly provide you with the development process and ease your business in no time. Contact us now!