Muhammad is associated with the most common names. Since Muhammad is the creator of Islam, many Muslim families opt to commemorate him or some aspect of his persona while naming their sons. Muhammad stressed the significance of names and the need to select them with decency and respect.


Arab Muslims have historically chosen names that are either traditional Arab names or names borrowed from Islam. Arab Muslims and Arab Christians frequently have the same names. Depending on one’s ancestry and family origins, names can be arranged in a variety of ways. Names can be combined, for instance, to make a personal name, which is followed by the father’s and, finally, the grandfather’s. An alternative would be to have the father’s name come first, followed by the family name.

List of Lovely Arabic Names

Here are the top 100 Muslim boy names.

Mr. Abbas

An assertive and formidable name, ideal for young guys! The name Abbas has Persian origins and means “lion.”


Abdul is a very popular Arabic name that means “servant of God.”


Adnan Another popular Islamic name is Adnan. The word “pioneer” describes this name.


This adorable Arabic name for boys is so trendy that we can’t get enough of it! Ali is a name that is highly common in the Muslim culture and signifies “champion” or “elevated.” Finding a straightforward three-letter name with a lovely meaning is not easy!


This name, also spelled Abir, is of old Arabic origin and is called Abeer. Its meaning is “rose fragrance.”



Abdullah is arguably one of the most well-known Arabic male names today! Its meaning is “slave of God or servant of Allah.” Abdu’s moniker would fit in nicely with Abdullah. The father of Islamic mystic Muhammad, usually referred to as Abdullah, was a well-known bearer of the name!


The name Aaftab is highly well-liked in the Middle East. It denotes the sun or sunshine.


Aadil is an adorable Arabic name for boys that translates to “high in moral and virtuous” or “righteous.”


It’s wonderful to name your son after a famous actor, isn’t it? “A prince who is born to give orders or a born leader” is how the Muslim term Amir is translated.


Ahmed, one of the most well-known Arabic names, translates to “the one who is highly praised or the one who constantly thanks God.” A sweet meaning and a charming name.


Once more of Persian descent, Babar is also spelled Babar, Baber, or Babur. An old Arabic name meaning “tiger.” In addition to being an old name, Babr was the first Mughal emperor of the sixteenth century!


A fashionable and adorable Arabic name for boys! The word “handsome boy” is Daniyal. An ideal moniker for your child!

Daler Daler is a well-known Muslim name that translates to “brave” or “valiant.” Daler is also widely used by the Indian Punjabi community.


The Arabic word for “religion” is deen.


Ehsan Ehsan has a really lovely meaning and is a bright and stylish name. It denotes “excellence” or “perfection.”


Ejaz is an incredibly charming Arabic name for boys that translates to “astonishment” or “filled with miracles.” Why not give your baby the name of this lovely notion? After all, a newborn is a miracle in his parents’ lives!


A name that signifies “one who is kind” or “one who believes in unity” is somewhat unusual and rare.


A wonderful name for parents searching for a short, stylish, and meaningful name! Elyas, which translates to “Lord is my God,” is also the Islamic name for Elijah in the Bible.


This name is ideal for your boy if you want him to stand out from the crowd! Emaan means “a person devoted to God,” “victorious,” or “pious.”


“He who knows the difference between right and wrong” is the meaning of this extremely famous name with ancient Arabic origins. The names Farouk, Faruqi, Farook, and Farouq are some of its various variations.


Who wouldn’t want to give their son a name associated with agility, strength, and power? The Arabic etymology of the name Fahad means “leopard” or “panther.” For someone with this name, the fortunate number is 8.


Faizal is a highly common name in Arab nations, meaning “judge” or “the one who judges.” The names Faizi, Faisal, and Faizel are additional similar variations of this name.


Faidh is a sweet little Arabic name for boys that translates to “superabundance” or “favor.”



A lovely name with Arabic roots that means “conqueror.” In nations where Arabic is spoken, Muslim households tend to favor Fateh. The well-known vocalist Rahat-Fateh Ali Khan is one prominent bearer of the name.


Feroz, which means “lucky,” is a common baby name of Persian descent.


Fikri is a well-liked name that is common in Turkey and many Persian countries. The term is an acronym for “intelligent.”


The name Galib is derived from the old Arabic name Ghalib, which means “conqueror.” Another well-known poet went by the name of Galib.


Gmail is a traditional Arabic name that translates to “stunning” or “good-looking.” The Arabic name “Jamil,” which means brilliant or beautiful, is the source of the name “Gmail.”


Muslim households frequently give their children the name Ghaffar, which means “the worker of a person who forgives and forgets others’ iniquities,” “most forgiving,” or “merciful.”


Consider Ghassan as a name idea for a variation on the typical Arabic boy names. This one is distinctive and denotes freshness and handsomeness.


The Arabic root of the name Haafiz means “guardian” or “keeper.” Hafeez or Hafiz are two more name variations.


“Loving associated with a God,” “praising,” or “one who offers approval” are some frequent meanings of Muslim names.


This name has all that you would like to teach your son. Haatim translates to “strong-minded,” “determined,” and “decisive by nature.”


Habib is a beautiful and well-liked Arabic name for boys that translates to “sweetheart” or “beloved.” Habeeb is an additional spelling of this name.


This name has an aura and charm that are unmatched. Haider is an Arabic name of ancient origin meaning “as brave as a lion.” It’s worth considering because this name has both beauty and strength!


Searching for a distinctive and unusual Arabic name for your child? Then you need to look no further since Idris, which means “lord of studious,” is a fascinating and unusual name.


Imam The name Imam is a common Muslim name that signifies “chief” or “leader.”


Parents always want the best for their kids in life! Imran also refers to the same “asset,”


The name Iyaan, which has Arabic origins, is not as popular these days. It denotes “a time, an era, or an epoch.”


Would you not agree that your son is most likely the most wonderful thing that has ever occurred to you? The name Jahmil, which has Muslim origins, means “a beautiful or handsome man.”


“Glory of the faith” is what a wonderful name signifies. Jalaal-Ud-Din-Mohammed, the epic ruler Akbar, was also known by the name Jalaal. The glory of your son will be guaranteed by the name.


A traditional Arabic name that is appropriate for boys! The name Junaid means “warrior” or “soldier,” which are attributes you’ll always want your son to have.


Mohammed is one of those names that is just timeless! Mohammed is an Arabic name that translates to “gigantic,” “greater than anything,” or “vastness.”


The adorable Islamic name Mehfooz, often spelled Mahfooz, means “guarded” or “protected.”


There is nothing cuter in the world than your baby son! The word “worshipped” or “adored” is mabood.


A lovely name that is becoming a little out of style. It denotes “adoration for your sweetheart” or “beloved.”


Arabic names for boys are so sweet and distinctive! In addition to their lengthy history, masculine Arabic names are highly sophisticated, elegant, and culturally rich. Arab male names have their roots in the sacred Quran, but they have also spread thousands of kilometers and drawn influence from Indian and Persian customs. We know it can be difficult to choose just one name for your tiny bundle of joy when there are millions to choose from. Thus, to lessen the difficulty of your task, we have included a list of 130 Arabic baby boy names that are now popular worldwide! Every name is exquisite and holds a profound significance, guaranteeing the development of positive traits in your offspring.