You may have heard the phrase “financial freedom” used more than once. It’s one of those buzzwords that people who want to sell you their course tend to use.

Because of this unfortunate association, many people give up on the idea and no longer want to read books about getting out of debt.

When you take away all the vague promises made by people trying to sell you something shiny, the truth is that financial freedom matters. There are various books that help you to realize the value of financial freedom in life. However, in this book we have compiled a list of top 3 best books on realizing the value of financial freedom in life.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant By Eric Jorgenson

People’s lives have changed because of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant and its author. It has done this by teaching lessons about knowledge and perspective. Many people have said this book is one of the best to read about getting out of debt.

The book is interesting because it doesn’t just talk about money. Yes, money is a big focus, but happiness is just as important. The author says that we have to take care of ourselves, and that’s the only way we’ll reach our goals.

The Psychology of Money By Morgan Housel

The Psychology of Money is a fairly new book. It came out in 2020. The main idea here is that people have such a bad relationship with money that they almost don’t want it.

The author Morgan Housel stresses how important it is to live cheaply and think flexibly.

This is another one of the best books to read about getting out of debt. It uses examples from people like Warren Buffet.

From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity by Peter Paulsen

Peter Paulsen author of the book “From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity” has the best advice and sets you up for a successful future. The book shows us how to make the most money out of the skills we already have. It talks about how we need to split up and manage our money to be successful in what we do.