When they need hope, more people read romance than any other genre. This is because the genre supports the idea that everyone can find love and a happy ending, no matter who they are. In the last few years, that feeling and promise have seemed more important than ever. But this year has shown us some of the best romance novels that you must have to read. So, from David Wells Writer of the book “Walking Out of Time” to “Mistakes Were Made” by Meryl Wilsner. So, pick your favorite and read now with your partner.


Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner

College senior Cassie Klein just had the sexiest hookup of her life. So you can imagine how shocked she is to learn that her hot date is her best friend’s mother. This steamy forbidden romance shows how hard it is to start adult life after college and find love and your identity in your forties. The way Cassie and Erin treat each other is both funny and sad. This person reads Wilsner’s work and hopes he keeps writing such great stuff.


Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

When Lily Wilder’s latest group of city people comes to Utah for one of her tours, the last person she expects to see is Leo Grady, who broke her heart 10 years ago. But when the fake treasure hunt goes wrong in a very real way, Lily and Leo have to put their differences from the past aside to save Lily’s future. This second-chance romance is a fun, steamy, twisty, and funny example of what makes a great book by Christina Lauren.


American Royalty by Tracey Livesay

Dani “Duchess” Nelson doesn’t want or need a Prince Charming, but she gets one when she has to work with the grandson of the British monarch on a tribute concert for the queen. Prince Jameson doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, but Dani is a real star. Even though they are very different, the rapper and the prince can’t deny the pull between them. Even though we know how the story will end, Livesay is so good that we can’t wait for that heart-stopping HEA.


Walking Out of Time By David Wells 

David Wells writer of this book, narrates this magical love story in a classic but modern way. Love and heartbreak are at the heart of it. Two of their descendants try to find out the truth behind their family’s stories to honor their ancestors. They look for a cure for a sick sibling and look into the deaths of men in one of the families of 24 years old, but no one knows why.