There are many great flavours that the Gunnpod 2000 Puffs Australia offers, yet there isn’t one single flavour that tops them all as they are unique in their way. That being said, everyone has different preferences, allowing them to enjoy particular flavours more than others that may be popular. So, it depends on you, here are some flavours we thoroughly recommend:

Fruit Monster:

Smoking the Fruit Monster Gunnpod vape is like being in a circus full of exotic fruits. Each gymnast and performer imitates a bold-tasting fruit, such as the ripe strawberries, the juicy pomegranate and the tart kiwi making for an extravagant performance in your mouth.

Honey Push Ice:

With the use of sweet bananas, crisp apples and ripe strawberries, the Honey Push Ice Gunnpod 2000 are all your late-night sugar cravings all in one disposable vape. Although, this excludes the glucose and sugars that will keep you up until 4 am and make you miss work.

Lush Ice:

How do you tell your partner you are tropical holiday in the Maldives with your best friends without them freaking out and possibly passing out? Simple, you don’t. Instead, you distract yourself with the freezing excellence of the Lush Ice Gunnpod 2000. It will keep you chilled amid that extreme summer heat with the use of fresh juicy watermelons and ice-cold menthol. Beware, the Lush Ice cannot prevent sunburns or relationship problems.

Mixed Berry:

You are shopping and want fruit juice, don’t bother. Unless you are willing to pay $15 for a week old, pressed juice that taste like water. Instead, meet the Mixed Berry Gunnpod 2000. Incorporating strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. It has the sweetness and tartness of a regular juice without the pulp and ridiculous price. Just don’t use it in the shopping centre. Wait until you are outside.

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