Some dogs have fur while others have hair. Ones that have fur tend to shed and those with hair don’t shed. Each dog needs different levels and types of care to ensure that they have a shiny coat and adequate new growth.

This may be surprising even for dog owners who have had multiple dogs. Most dogs have fur and they tend to shed. A thick coat means more work. This isn’t the case. Moreover, each type needs to be groomed in a specific way.

Trained groomers understand the breed they are dealing with, they know the hair type and adjust their products, tools, and processes accordingly. That said it is crucial to trust groomers who are qualified to handle your pet.

Experts at Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa tend to provide exceptional services in terms of quality grooming and customer satisfaction. They are groomers who understand that they are handling your fur baby and therefore, use the safest and most effective products out there.

That said, it is quite common for dog parents to try and groom their pets themselves. Which is of course a necessity. However, a lot can go wrong in the process especially if you aren’t aware of the traits your pet possesses as a breed.

Things You Should Avoid When Grooming Your Pet

To make sure your pet is safe and even for your own safety you have to be aware of the mistakes you can make while grooming. Knowing things that can go wrong can help you avoid them.

This article discusses the possible mistakes you can make while grooming your pet and how to avoid them.

  • Washing the Dogs Ears From The Inside

Whether your dog is prone to ear infections or not is dependent on its breed. In fact, each breed is either highly prone or moderately prone to infections. Either way, it is never a good idea to clean their ears from the inside with cotton buds or wash them with soap.

Some inexperienced professional groomers may also try and wash your pet’s ears with water. This isn’t a good idea either. Water or soapy water can wash the protective wax from your pet’s ears causing serious injury or infections.

What to Do Instead

You can get dog-safe hypoallergenic wipes and clean the ear by hand. Make sure not to exert much pressure or to push too deep. Keep a light hand when wiping the insides of the ear. In addition to this, you must know when to clean their ears.

Some dog breeds only need a wiping every month while others need to be cleaned every few weeks. You can also tell by the state of their ears if they need to be cleaned. The wax build-up and grime in the ear is an indications that they need to be wiped.

  • Rinsing with Water Too Often

When dogs go out to play it is quite common for them to collect dust, dirt, grass, weeds, and everything in between on their coats. Some dog parents try and keep their coats clean by rinsing them each time this happens.

Also, they do so using plain water. Now there are two problems with this. First off, rinsing too often and then with just water isn’t a good idea. Water won’t actually clean anything. In fact, it will just make the fur wet which will;l further make dirt stick to their skin and hair.

Besides this rinsing, your pet’s hair, again and again, can dry out their skin or cause other such problems. They can also get sick depending on their breed.

What to Do Instead

Instead of rinsing your pet each time they collect dirt, you can brush them out to avoid mats and book a groomer’s appointment for a closer date. You can find mobile grooming services to come to your location and give your pet a proper bath. 

  • Brushing Out The Wet Coat

Dog parents often make the mistake of brushing out their pet’s hair when it is wet. Even the practice of combing their hair when washing them isn’t recommended. Wet hair can break quite easily and might even become tangled afterwords.

Also, brushing your dog’s wet hair will only cause them discomfort and it is entirely possible that you might hurt their skin in the process.  Make sure that your pet’s coat is completely dry before using a hair brush.

What to Do Instead

You can use a hair dryer from a safe distance to make sure they carefully dry. Some pets don’t appreciate the dryer very much therefore you need to be careful with it.

  • Summer Shaving

Shaving your dog in the summer is perhaps one of the most detrimental ideas to their health. The coat they have is in place to help them regulate their temperature. Most dog parents make the mistake of completely shaving their pets during summer.

This is never a good idea as most pets tend to have two coats. The undercoats should be shaved even if there are mats. The undercoat must only be brushed and that too using the right tools

What to Do Instead

It is better to call in a professional when you think yours do need a cut. It is true that your pet may get quite hot during the summers but there is a specific method to removing the fur and keeping the undercoat intact.

Expert groomers first brush out the pet, removing as much hair or fur as possible then they move on to giving your pet a shower. This is followed by a high-power blow dry which also removes the undercoat.

Professional groomers blow out as much undercoat as possible and then brush the hair using a flat brush or an Equi groomer to make sure there are no bulks or mats in it.

Hire The Right People

Trusting the right people with your pet is necessary. You shouldn’t let any layman handle them as they can get traumatized. Get in touch with experts at Pedal to the Paw Dog Spa is a service you can trust.