Interactive voice response or IVR is a technology that allows users to access information or perform transactions via telephone. IVR is a service that users can access via landline, mobile or internet connections. IVR solutions are constructive in areas with heavy phone traffic, such as airports and train stations. An IVR solution reduces costs and increases efficiency by filtering out unnecessary calls.

Benefits of  IVR service for your business

Easy call handling

  • Clients can contact your company by phone at any time of the day or night via an IVR system. Clients no longer have to wait until after work to speak to customer service reps. Instead, they can call during normal business hours and speak with a representative immediately. This is particularly helpful for companies with limited numbers of employees who are available to take calls during normal business hours. An IVR service allows companies to manage both incoming and outgoing calls without stress.

Reduce workload

  •  Most consumers prefer IVR service because it allows you to handle calls quickly and efficiently. For example, if someone calls your company’s number on a busy day, the call will go to an IVR system instead of a person. This not only saves precious time but also prevents staff members from being overburdened with calls.

Helpful in marketing 

  • Plus, if your company is telemarketing sales leads or marketing products, calling individuals directly would be more effective than sending letters or faxes. However, using IVR allows you to personally answer any calls and direct callers to the appropriate department or salesperson. 

Automated message system (AMS).

  • Plus, you can keep call center staff up-to-date on caller information with an automated message system (AMS).

Can be used in various industries and training

  • Some prominent companies using IVR are banks, airline and railroad companies, government offices, and other organizations. In many ways, IVR is very similar to computerized speaking programs used in training computers to speak human language. Both are meant to assist people in completing tasks while reducing human error in handling tasks.


IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows the computerized answering of telephone calls by using a robotic voice. Most countries have phone service providers using IVR services. SparkTG Delhi based company is expertise in the field of Best IVR Service Provider In India