Which cookie would you most like to have with your tea? Full of love or complete to the brim with affection? I’d like both, to be honest.

The best way to spend time with friends and family in a healthy way is to eat cookies that come in bright packaging. We like to have them with our morning and evening tea because they make us feel whole.

Are you looking for ideas on how to pack cookies? Want to make your bakery business better? This blog will tell you everything you need about the most fantastic ideas for custom cookie boxes in 2023. It will tell you how to better pack your cookies so that lovers notice them immediately.

1. Window Boxes

Have you considered increasing the visibility of your products? When designing your cookie boxes, you are missing out on one of the best marketing tools we have provided.

Custom window cookie boxes are an excellent instrument for advertising. Why is a box’s window design important? The solution is straightforward! People prefer to see what they are purchasing because it makes them more likely to buy.

How many items do you buy from the bakery’s retail shelf merely because you can tell they’re not as good as your amazing cookies?

PVC windows are an excellent option for custom cookie packaging boxes since they protect your cookies from crushing during delivery and storage. In addition, it is simpler to encapsulate several cookies at once.

2. Inserts and Dividers

Want to ship more than one cookie in the same box? It’s a tough job, and we know there’s a real struggle behind it. Because of this, we are considering putting dividers in custom cookie boxes with logos.

Imagine a packaging filled with the mint chocolate chip cookies your customers love the most. When it gets to their homes, the chocolate chunks will be on top of the box. No matter how quality-focused your product is, it would be bad for your business.

With these dividers, you can show off more than one flavor of cookies at once and keep them from getting broken during shipping and storage. We’re not saying that custom cookie boxes with dividers will make you twice as much money, but they work magic.

3. Custom Kraft Cookie Boxes

Do you own a small bakery and want to find a way to wrap your cookies that is both useful and nice to look at? Stop looking! You could use custom Kraft boxes.

These boxes are an excellent way to eliminate plastic packaging, which is getting a lot of attention because of environmental pollution problems. They make your products stand out because competitors may use plastic packaging instead.

With their natural look, earthy colors, simple designs, and eco-friendly materials, Kraft bags are a much better way to package cookies than plastic containers.

4. Add Extras

Cookies are a tasty gift you can give to people you care about to show how much you care. Everyone loves to put these little things of joy in wrappings that make them look like gifts. Our Gift Packaging with a gable shape will let your recipients know what you want to say. Wrapping your cookies in a gift box with bows and ribbons is a great idea.

Wrapping a ribbon or bow around the box will make it look more expensive and make your customers feel like they’re getting a special treat. It will get the attention of the person you’re giving the gift to.

5. Branding Features

If you are trying to find the best way to pack cookies, plan for making your custom-made cookie boxes more colorful and exciting to look at. You can put the company’s name, slogan, and tagline on the boxes. Placing a logo on something is an excellent tool because it makes it easy for customers to recognize your brand and products in a crowded market. It will help you make your cookies more appealing and sell more of them.

People like to buy products from a brand whose products show what the brand stands for, and you can do this job beautifully. Think about it: Would you rather sell your delicious cookies in an old baggie? One of the best ways to pack cookies is still in a custom printed cookie box with the company’s logo. It will help you talk to your customers without making you work harder to market your products.

Bottom Line

So, now you know. We hope that all of the tips above help you when you make your next batch of cookies. Remember that you should keep your customers in mind whatever you choose.

Contact a reputable box packaging supplier if you want them to be happy when they open the packaging. Still, CP Food Boxes is the best option for your team. The skilled engineers and design team create your boxes based on the latest market trends. You can look at their blogs, where you’ll have many exciting ideas for how to add style to your package.