Top ideas for your wedding decor

  • Figure out the basics:

You can search for “marriage halls near me” that come with in-house decorators. Once you have finalized the venue, you can start planning a theme for your wedding ceremony with your decorator. They will not only help you with the theme but also assist you in working out a rough structure for your overall décor.

  • Pick the right lights

If you have an outdoor wedding, you can consider choosing fairy lights as a part of the decor. On the other hand, if you are hosting an indoor celebration, these lights will be great for decorating the walls of the venue. As these lights are available in different colours, do not stop yourself from experimenting a bit by blending them together.

  • Conversation pieces

In case you want to keep your guests engaged, you can create a message wall where they can write a number of things dedicated to you and your partner. Later, these can become a great keepsake from your wedding day.

  • Vibrant and chic colours

Any ordinary ceremony can look extraordinary if one chooses the right colours. Also, select the colours in accordance with your theme. For instance, if you have a bohemian-themed wedding, earthy colours will be the best.

  • Safety first

Many of your family members and guests are going to come together to celebrate your big day. Hence, you must consider their safety while planning your wedding decor. Do not keep any combustible items, such as thermocol cutouts. In addition, make sure that the carpets that will be used for your wedding do not have any loose ends.

These decoration ideas will ensure that you have a unique wedding in the banquet halls of Kolkata.