Let’s learn about the eight benefits of IT outsourcing in India for businesses of all sizes across industries.

1. Talent Pool of Professionals

The availability of a talent pool of skilled professionals is one of the popular reasons why businesses want to outsource to Indian service providers.

C SharpCorner report states that by 2023, India will become the world’s largest IT hub of software developers. Most of these developers are well-equipped with the required KSAs and can help you achieve your business objectives.

The abundance and easy availability of dedicated offshore developers makes India tick faster and better when it comes to offering a large and intricate solution in time.

Besides, it helps countries provide solutions in various value brackets that suit their business needs. Moreover, virtual teams have a high potential to adopt new technologies and maturely grasp them to create better solutions.

They work on the latest technologies and advanced solutions which are otherwise challenging to apply. As a result, India leads the wagon of outsourcing as it practices technologies and stays updated with the latest trends.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Achieving reliability and cost-effectiveness are a few primary reasons why businesses across the countries prefer software outsourcing to India. India’s web and mobile app development costs are nearly 30–35% lesser than those of American and European countries.

The average hourly salary of developers in India ranges from $20 — $40/hour. It is significantly lower compared to the salary of developers in western countries ($100 — $150/hour).

Most of the offshore development centers in India offer their clients per hour or fixed monthly prices so they can choose at their convenience. As a result, hiring Indian software developers save 65% on operational expenses, increasing the company’s profit.

Do you think that’s vague? No worries, we will allow you to see this difference yourself. Just use our outsourcing ROI calculator & evaluate the difference between the average expense of insourcing vs. outsourcing.

3. High-Quality Services

While having a talented workforce is one thing, delivering high-quality service is another, and India needs to deliver on this end. Software developers in India have access to advanced technology, software, and infrastructure and are well-versed in using these tools to leverage advantages.

The Indian outsourcing companies follow the best international standard practices, including

  • The Capability Maturing Model (CMM) can assess the capability of an organization’s processes to implement a project.
  • The International Standard Organization (ISO 9000) assures quality in design, development, production, and installation.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Six Sigma Quality certification
  • Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC) guarantees to deliver quality software within the deadline.

Over 75% of the world’s CMM Level 5 certified companies are in India. The highest number of ISO-9000-certified software outsourcing companies is in India.

In short, the above standards & certification ensures that Indian software companies promise quality and have the potential to furnish various services perfectly. Hence, if you choose to outsource to India, you can ensure high-quality services.

4. Communication is the Key

Communication is the root of the beginning, maintaining, and growing a positive relationship with the firm. Also, good communication guarantees expected results and resolved issues.

Therefore, seamless communication is another reason these countries prefer India more than any other country. Indians are popular for speaking English better than their Chinese or Filipino counterparts.

India prides its reliable communication, which facilitates good band connectivity with the rest of the world, so there are no connection hurdles. That’s why communication is no barrier, and your journey for software outsourcing in India will be comfortable.

5. Utilization of Time-Zone Difference

Outsourcing in India is like you are working 24/7. The difference in time zone starts at -5:30 (GMT) through to -12:30 (PDT), allowing enterprises to maximize accomplishments in a normal work day than getting the work done locally.

Additionally, IT outsourcing in India gives you an option to quickly time-to-market due to the advantages gained by time zone differences.

The 12-hour time difference between India and the USA provides companies with numerous opportunities for work to be completed earlier than expected, leading to greater efficiency, increased productivity, and more time to focus on other crucial tasks.

6. Support from the Indian Government

India’s government has supported the IT field to a great extent. The government added the IT sector to its top 5 priorities. In addition, they have implemented the National IT Task Force, a group committed to elevating IT in India.

If we go with the numbers, India’s IT outsourcing industry will reach a CAGR growth of 7.25% by 2025. The statistics prove that while India’s policies are considered favorable for outsourcing, the availability of skilled resources at a lower price, on the other hand, makes India an attractive option for software outsourcing.

7. Focus on the Core Business Competencies

Business growth demands continuous focus on increasing the customer base or researching and testing new products while maintaining the current growth rate. Entirely depending on in-house may take your focus away from core business activities.

Outsourcing to India lets you delegate noncore activities while continuously managing the business functions that make you thrive in the competitive ecosystem. India is a wider outsourcing location where you can effortlessly find a service provider for any business activity you would prefer to outsource.

8. Unparalleled IT Workforce

The outsourcing business in India is booming and creating the largest IT hubs in India with new technology and reliable web customization, navigation, solutions, and development. As a result, the Indian IT workforce is staying on top of emerging trends and enabling businesses to meet their goals and advance their skills.


Several benefits come with outsourcing in India, and it’s easy to see why companies would choose India as their first choice in outsourcing, considering all the valuable advantages. While the IT field prevails as India’s most valuable source of expertise, other areas of business benefit from outsourcing in India.

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