Established in the year 1878, Lincoln University spans over 140 years becoming the 3rd oldest university in New Zealand. The university is dedicated to nurturing the growth of international students by offering them an excellent learning curriculum. It fosters the personality and encourages students to carve their unique paths through numerous opportunities aligned with their aspirations.

Lincoln University is an accredited institution, offering degrees for bachelors, masters, and MBA in New Zealand. With a five-star rating, the university stands high and ranks 362nd in the QS World University Ranking 2024. It also ranks among the top 150 in the fields of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Viticulture. The university embraces a rich cultural diversity, welcoming students from over 80 countries, and creating a vibrant and globally connected community.

The graduates of this university are making a positive impact globally since it consistently yields a 15% higher employment rate compared to other educational institutions in New Zealand. The university not only enables students to graduate with a degree but also to upskill themselves to seize varied employment opportunities. Thus, this article will give you the 3 top reasons to choose Lincoln University. So, stay glued and proceed.

Top Reasons to Study at Lincoln University  

  1. Varied Range of Courses

Lincoln University offers a varied range of courses, ensuring diverse and enriching learning experiences for international students. From certificate and diploma programs to advanced PhD studies. The academic curriculum caters to the spectrum of interests, whether you wish to choose land-based sectors or specialized fields. These offerings enable international aspirants to tailor their academic journey according to their passions and career goals. To give you a better understanding we have mentioned some of the popular programs below.

Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program UG/PG Diploma Program
Bachelor of Commerce – Horticulture Master of Commerce and Management Diploma in Agriculture
Bachelor of Science – Environmental Science Master of Agricultural Science Diploma in Commerce
Bachelor of Agriculture Master of Landscape Architecture Diploma in Horticulture
Bachelor of Environmental Management Master of Business Diploma in Horticultural Management
Bachelor of Commerce – Food and Resource Economics Master of Applied Computing Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies
Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology Master of Science in Food Innovation Graduate Diploma in Applied Science
Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing Master of Tourism Management Graduate Diploma in Recreation Management


  1. Ample of Scholarships

On average the tuition fee for international students is around 29,700 NZD and to manage the cost to study in New Zealand, Lincoln University offers a plethora of scholarships that recognize achievements beyond academics. Though academic brilliance remains a key criterion, the university acknowledges and offers scholarships on the basis of financial need and chosen programs of study. Thus, to get a better idea we have mentioned the popular ones below.

Scholarship Amount
Lincoln University International Pathway Merit Scholarship NZ$2,500
Lincoln University International Undergraduate Scholarship NZ$3,000
Lincoln University Undergraduate Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship NZ$5,000
Lincoln University International School Leavers Scholarship NZ$10,000


  1. Exceptional International Student Support

The campus of Lincon University is a vibrant melting pot of students from diverse countries, creating a wonderful and enriching atmosphere. Adapting to a new environment can be a bit challenging and overwhelming for international students, thus the university offers dedicated support through its expert International Student Advisors. These advisors offer caring services to address any concerns or questions during the student’s term at Lincon University. From a comprehensive orientation program to guidance on adjusting to life in New Zealand, international students feel welcomed, supported, and equipped for a successful academic journey.

In a Nutshell

Pursuing higher studies at Lincoln University can open gates to numerous career opportunities. To know more about the university, reach out to the top overseas education consultants, they will assist you throughout the process. We hope this article was helpful. Good luck!