Petromet Flange Inc is one of the largest Pipe Fittings Suppliers in India. End Cap, Tee Reducing, Pipe Nipple, Swage Nipple, U bend, and more ASTM A403 Pipe Fittings are available from us.

Following are five prevalent types of pipe fittings : Pipe Fittings Manufacturer In India

Elbow: Elbows are fittings with a 90-degree elbow or 45-degree elbow bend that allows for directional changes in the piping system. They are used to change the direction of flow, avoid obstacles, and reduce pressure losses in the system. The 90-degree elbow is most common and is available in different angles as well.


Tee: Tees are fittings shaped like the letter “T,” with three openings. Pipe Fittings Supplier in India use them as they allow the flow to be split into two directions, creating a branch connection in the pipe. Tees are commonly used in distribution systems where a single input line needs to be divided into multiple output lines.


Reducer: Reducers are used to connect pipes of different sizes. They come in two types: concentric reducers, which have a symmetrical taper, and eccentric reducers, which have an offset taper. Reducers are useful when you need to adapt pipe diameters to maintain a consistent flow rate.


End Cap: An end cap is a type of pipe fitting that is used to close or seal the end of a pipe. It is a simple and solid cap that fits over the open end of a pipe to prevent the flow of fluid or to close off the system. End caps are typically used when a pipeline is not intended to have further extensions or when the end of a pipe needs to be temporarily sealed during construction or maintenance.


Flange: Flanges are flat, circular discs with evenly spaced bolt holes. They are used to create a strong connection between two pipes or between a pipe and a valve or other equipment. Flanges allow for easy disassembly and maintenance of the connected parts. 


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Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in India – Petromet Flange Inc


Pipe fittings are the components in pipelines that allow for branch connections, size modifications, and directional changes. ASTM A403 pipe fittings are widely used in the pipe and plumbing sectors. Some examples are elbow fittings, reducers, tee connections, olet connectors, caps, and crosses. We also build custom fittings to your needs. 


Our Pipe Fittings Supplier in India have undergone rigorous testing and certification for precision, accuracy, and durability. Indian makers of pipe fittings offer competitive prices due to the country’s low labour costs and easy access to raw materials. When it comes to distribution and sales to a variety of industries, we specialise in pipe fittings.


Pipe fittings manufacturers have a well-trained and experienced team of engineers. Before being packaged and sent out, our ANSI B 16.9 Pipe Fittings are examined, and all of our products are tested in accordance with international standards. 


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