Although they lack the noise of a classic hog, there are several advantages to owning an electric motorbike.

Buying a motorbike used to be as simple as deciding on the type of bike (tourer, cruiser, or super sport) and the amount of CCs you wanted. Yet, with the introduction of EVs, time has undoubtedly altered. The end is near for die-hard internal combustion engine (ICE) riders.

The Harley-Davidson 883 Iron and the Harley-Davidson all-electric LiveWire may both be found side by side in a Harley-Davidson store today. Yet, why would someone pick an electric bike motorbike over a regular bike

1. Technology for Electric Motorcycles: Untapped Potential

Electric bikes lack the deep growl from the exhaust when you twist the throttle and the rumble from the engine while you’re stopped at a stop sign, in contrast to internal combustion motorcycles.

Even still, you have to accept that motor bike electric represent the leading edge of motorcycle technology. Electric bikes have undergone much study and development over the past 10 years. Modern motorcycles, which are slicker and more aesthetically pleasing, are the consequence. These advantages make owning an electric motorbike worthwhile.

Given that electric motorbike technology is still in its infancy, there is still much that can be learned and developed. From the 1885 construction of the Daimler Reitwagen in Cannstatt, Germany by inventors Gottlieb Daimler & Wilhelm Maybach, internal combustion motorbikes have existed. There is not much more to learn about them because of their lengthy history.

2. Increased torque

Torque is preferred above horsepower by true motorcycle lovers. The nicest aspect of every motorbike ride is the torque, which is the pull you experience during acceleration. The torque on electric motorcycles is endless. Anybody who has driven a Tesla can vouch for how smooth and quick an EV launches and accelerates.

3. Easy Ride

If you’ve ever ridden a motorbike, you’ll be able to feel the vibration coming from the engine right away. Some people might appreciate the sound of the engine rumbling and echoing through the seat and body, but others might not.  Electric bike motorbike are incredibly powerful but silent and smooth.

However virtually vibration-free the motor is, power is always accessible when needed. One gear offers quick, smooth power wherever and whenever you need it, with no throttle lag or acceleration dip.

4. Simple Customized Performance

The majority of bikes can be modified to increase their performance and power, but electric motorcycles are a little bit simpler and more effective. This is normally carried out at your neighbourhood garage or performance and repair shop for bikes powered by internal combustion engines.

This is very simple thanks to electric bikes. Indeed, you can accomplish this with a mobile device. The mobile app for a motorbike may modify a number of features, including peak speed, traction control, and throttle response, to mention a few. The bike’s performance on the road will change drastically if these settings are changed.

At the touch of a finger, you may adjust the performance to give you more top-end power, torque at the bottom, economy, sport bike characteristics, or performance more akin to a cruiser. It’s a pretty great feature to have the power to modify your motorcycle’s performance straight from your phone to almost any desired standard. It’s like having several motorcycles in one. Your cash will be used wisely.

5. Durability

Electric motorbike dependability is still being assessed, however it is safe to claim that they are quite dependable. They have fewer parts than bikes powered by internal combustion engines, so you might even draw the conclusion that they are more dependable. ICE bikes have a lot of intricate elements that might break down and take a lot of effort to fix. Electric motorcycles, in contrast, are relatively straightforward.

Even though to its youth, there will undoubtedly be some bugs that must be worked out, but this is to be expected, and servicing requires less labour overall. Consider Tesla, which can go a great distance without experiencing any issues. Since technology becomes more developed, it becomes more dependable, which is why people adore Tesla so much.

6. Expenses of Servicing and Maintenance

Traditional internal combustion motorcycles need to meet a number of after-purchase standards in order to last for a long time. Initially, routine maintenance needs to be carried out. The oil, oil filter, and coolant all need to be changed as part of this maintenance.

7. Savings in the Long Run

Despite the fact that electric motorbike technology is still in its infancy, it has a highly promising future. They operate well, ride smoothly, can be customised, are reliable, and save money after the sale, therefore they are well worth the increased buying price. Also, you may start saving right away because you won’t require gasoline, labor-intensive maintenance, or components.

Time To Get An Electric Motorcycle

Due to the reduction in maintenance expenses alone, motor bike electric can really pay for themselves within a short period of time. On conventional motorcycles, this is not feasible. The value for money keeps increasing when you take into account the warranty that the dealer offers. Getting the most for your money is the best thing, & switching to an electric motorbike will enable you to achieve that.