Residential schools are educational institutions where students live on campus while gaining high-quality education and participating in extracurricular activities. Students of the best residential schools in India stay in dorms, share a dining hall, and engage in many extracurricular activities associated with their studies; the residential schools offer distinctive and all-encompassing educational experiences and thus attract many students from all over the country. 

Top best residential schools in India

  • Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun

 It is among the top residential schools in Dehradun, well known for offering every student a supportive family environment. The School seeks to instill many qualities in its students, including kindness and consideration for others. The School provides separate blocks for both girls and boys, along with overall on-campus guardianship and full security staff at residential blocks. The School is also popular for offering open-air seating as well in the middle of the green landscape outside the boarding, which is best for children to enjoy every moment of peace.

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  • Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

Another name in the list of best residential schools in India is bishop cotton school which is known for its finest boarding and is among the best schools for boys affiliated with ICSE and ISC curricula. The School encourages high-quality education and emphasizes sports and several succories and hobby clubs. The School also provides opportunities for students to participate in inter-house inter-schools and national-level competitions to offer well-rounded development. 

  • Welham girls school, Dehradun

Welham is the name among the top residential schools in Dehradun with hostel for girls. The School offers top-notch education and is known for its high-class boarding facilities. The school pride itself in encouraging students from across the country and is the best option for girls. However, English is the medium of instruction in the School. Also, Hindi is important in the curriculum, and expert teachers try to ensure that each girl reaches a high standard in the language. 

  • Woodstock School, Mussoorie

It is among the best residential schools in India with a sizable international student body and is located in Hill Town, which is famous for its serene atmosphere. The School is well known for its extensive campus and vision to develop responsible citizens and leaders by offering a world-class international education. It is considered the best boarding school known for its diverse student body.

  • Rishi Valley School, Chittoor

It is another name that is counted among the best residential schools in India that offer kids top-notch education in a supreme and safe environment. The School has all world-class amenities that guarantee the student’s educational experience. It has a skilled team and devoted mentors and is regarded as one of the leading residential schools. It offers a unique educational environment that helps young children to grow not only in academic capacities but also in other areas of their interest as well. 

  • Shayadri School, Pune

It is among the best residential schools in India affiliated with CISCE. The School is known for its beautiful campus, which offers many indoor and outdoor games and inculcates a spirit of confidence and participation in children. The School does not encourage competition but creates an environment where students can excel. The School also boasts well-designed complexes for children so that they can learn sketching, painting, etc.

  • Canadian International School, Bangalore 

The School is counted among the best residential schools in India, situated in Bangalore. The School is known to offer its students top-notch amenities, including swimming pools and smart classrooms. It places a high priority on their academic performance and also on extracurricular activities. It is known for its top-notch mess, hostel amenities, and high value on a balanced diet. 

If you are seeking top residential schools in Dehradun, the list above will help you choose the right one for your child.