We are living in a fast-paced world where everything is changing dynamically. In this scenario, following a theoretical approach in education will not bear fruitful results. We must prepare our children to face the challenges that life might impose in the future. Therefore, research-based experimental learning is imperative. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme aims to help the students develop into knowledgeable, inquiring, confident and caring individuals who can efficiently take charge of their own life. 

Besides, the IB is the king of international education, and most international schools follow this curriculum. So, you need not worry about your child’s education, whichever country you might have to travel to for your job. Why wait if you are looking for the top IB schools in India for your kid’s admission? Visit the official website of the leading educational institutions and initiate the enrolment process.

Here is why the IB programme is the best for your kids:

  • Academics alone cannot promise a bright and successful future. Your children must also learn how to deal with difficult situations to have a happy and triumphant life. The IB curriculum strikes a balance between education and creativity. It encourages the children to prioritise gaining knowledge over and above marks. 
  • Today’s kids will become tomorrow’s world leaders. Hence, the education they get must develop them into competent individuals with a global vision. Undeniably, the eminent IB schools in our country focus on creativity, experiment-based learning and a holistic approach to help the students become excellent human beings and the best global citizens.
  • The IB programme also enables the students to develop critical skills like decision-making ability, analytical mind and so on. Indeed this will help the children to evaluate various situations and generate ideas to derive the best solutions.

Leading Residential Schools in Delhi: Why they are the best?

The top-ranking boarding schools offer their students the following amenities:

  • Location: Located close to the airports, the eminent residential schools provide the best boarding facilities to international and local students. They have state–of–art infrastructure with fully air-conditioned facilities. Surrounded by lush green spaces and large playing fields, the top institutes promise the best life to the students at the boarding schools.
  • Suite Rooms: The renowned hostel schools have large and spacious suite rooms with large windows, cheerful upholstery and cupboards for individual students. The rooms also have a well-sanitised attached washroom with shower and toilet facilities. Also, the campus is Wi-Fi covered, assisting the students in their studies. 
  • Meals and Dining: The prestigious boarding schools provide their resident students with highly- nutritious and delicious foods. The dining hall is located at walking distance from the hostel building and is centrally air-conditioned with a capacity to accommodate near about 1000 students.
  • Safety & Security: You can remain tension-free by enrolling your child in the best residential schools, as these premier institutions prioritise the safety and security of their students. They have emergency medical facilities alongside strict invigilation 24*7. Besides, the campus has all the necessary things like fire extinguishers, alarms and smoke detectors installed to avoid any accidents.


The elite academic institutes offer the best boarding facilities and high-quality education at affordable costs. Contact them immediately to know in detail about their hostel facilities.