A faulty battery is one thing that can prevent you from enjoying your computer. From overheating to trouble charging, there are several signs that show that a malfunctioning battery is affecting the performance of your battery. This article will discuss a few signs that show you need computer battery replacement in Lakewood. They include the following;

1. There are unexpected issues with the power

An occasional glitch on your computer does not always signify that there is a battery issue; however, you should look out for how often these power issues occur. If the battery in your Mac or PC goes off unexpectedly, especially after charging it recently, there is actually a high probability that it could be a result of a faulty battery. To mitigate the issue, try charging it again and if it persists, visit a computer screen LCD repair in Lakewood.

2. It keeps overheating

Computers are designed in a way that they cool themselves and dispel excess heat while in use. However, in cases where your computer is too hot to touch, chances are that your battery is getting worked out and unable to cool itself. Since the internal fans in your computer have stopped working to cool the computer, you will notice that your excessively hot laptop is also noisy. At this point, you will need to unplug your computer and consider computer battery replacement in Lakewood to avoid further damage.

3. There are system reports

When purchasing a computer, look out for laptops required with technology that checks its overall health. This will ensure that you receive a battery warning when the service is needed. This service report often includes information concerning your battery health. Depending on the type of message you receive, you can then choose to replace or computer better.

4. Little use time laptop with low battery

One thing you may notice when your battery starts getting faults is that it does faster than it used to. Generally, a fully charged laptop produces at least six hours of power, depending on the kind of program it uses. So if your computer battery barely lasts for a couple of hours or is a sign that it needs to be replaced. To do this, visit a computer screen LCD repair in Lakewood.

5. It charges slowly

Asides from the power in your laptop rarely lasting, if your laptop charges exceptionally slowly, then it is a sign that you need computer battery replacement in Lakewood. This is because health batteries charge faster and retain power even after disconnecting from the charger. So if your computer only powers when connected to an outlet or charges at a snail’s pace, it is time to replace your laptop battery.

6. It is old

The lifespan of a computer is another factor that can affect its battery health because no computer is designed to last forever. If you are experiencing a battery issue with your computer, it could be a result of its age. If yours exceeds two years and 400 charge cycles, it will need to be replaced.


If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned signs with your computer, then you need computer battery replacement in Lakewood.