Public enterprises make use of CFD consulting to ensure that the public projects they are involved with are completely transparent. Public projects are projects where the public’s money are used, be it taxpayer’s money or funding or government money. This money cannot be squandered and it cannot be used irresponsibly. There has to be complete transparency when using money that is not private or personal money and so public enterprises need to keep a check on their finances and the way they allocate finances, on any money going on, on ensuring that the people they are paying are the right people, that funds are well allocated and that there is no corruption. How do they do this? They use private financial consultants, also known as CFD consultants, to oversee the financial side of the project or projects. CFD consultants also upskill or train public enterprise staff, giving them the same skills they have, so they can keep track on finances for future public projects.

Finding a CFD consultant
Most public projects make use of the same CFD firms and a CFD consultant who works well with a public enterprise is likely to work with the same public enterprise consistently. Most public enterprises do team up with the same CFD consulting firms time and time again, if they are happy with the level of their work. It makes sense to use the same people as the public enterprise and the private consultancy get to know each other and get to understand how one another work. The private consultancy oversees the financial side of things, consulting to the public enterprise financial or other staff, helping, guiding, supporting and checking. It is the checks and balances that always count the most. Ask public enterprises which CFD consulting firms they are comfortable with and make contact for your next project.