Monterrey is one of the enriched cities for the multi-industries. It’s a great composition of wealth and western lifestyle. The city is developing day-by-day including fashion, technology and iconic sightseeings. Aeromexico Airlines provides you with the best offers and discounts.

However, the city is prominent across many countries rather than popular only in Mexico. So it would be great whether you consider this city for the vacation tour while attempting to edit the destination through Aeromexico Change Flight service. 

Lying in the Santa Catarina Valley, Monterrey has been getting dominated by the Saddle Mountain and Mitra Mountain. Both of these mountains boast exceptional panoramic scenes. Rather than these mountains facilitate the people with exhilarating activities. It’s easy for the day trip. Monterrey is even the capital of Nuevo León’s state.

Monterrey has even managed to maintain some of its traditional Spanish atmosphere despite being an ultramodern city. The Spanish colonial style will be experienceable for you while walking through the narrow alleys, flat-roofed houses, and picturesque patios, particularly around the Barrio Antiguo, the city’s old quarter.

In the 16th century the city was settled as a cultural hub  which is now evident in its enormous fine museums and exhibitions, including the universal squares and parks. These spots were the place where many crucial events and fests had been hosted. 

Most-Visited Places to explore in Monterrey, Mexico

To make it easier to plan the trip to Monterrey, we have listed all the next Tourist Places in the queue, which you can find below. 


It is the fourth largest public square and the most-visited place in Monterrey. It’s been an ultimate tourist attraction to start the tour of the city due as it’s nested among the other most cherishing attractions. 

Most of them are within walking distance, so it might not be a problem for you to walk across the tourist attractions throughout the city. Furthermore, you can avail of the bus or subway ride to trek across the best tourist places in Monterrey.

Macroplaza has been spanning since the 1980s, through the 99-acre square that features enormous older plazas, their monuments, and the pretty gardens which is eligible enough to draw many tourists to linger.

The sandstone Government Palace, 70-meter-high Lighthouse of Commerce, Esplanade of Heroes, and Neptune Fountain are some of the interesting allures that you can experience only by spotting Macroplaza.


It’s been accessible since 1991 including the stunning exteriors. Standing on Gran Plaza, it’s an iconic and engaging place for those people who curiously believe in Mexican art. Additionally, there are a number of permanent modern art from all over the globe you can experience in Marco.

numerous fine paintings, sculptures, and installations are the main Highlights of 11 galleries in the museum. All the artworks are the contribution of the leading Latin American artists and international artists.

Marco is a masterpiece in its own right, including a sculpture garden and an adorable square with a ruminant mirror fountain.

Santa Lucia Riverwalk

If you plan a trip to Monterrey with your partner, you can spend your valuable time with them without interruption. Then, consider the Santa Lucia Riverwalk. It is the most pleasant alley in the city. It’s been said that the Lucia riverwalk is a manufactured river that was discovered in 2007 and spanned approximately three kilometers across the city. 

The river connects the Macroplaza to Fundidora Park. While passing through this attraction, you will experience many interesting sculptures, such as genuine Canadian Inukshuk, a stone landmark, or a cairn. Fountains and other architectural highlights are the reason behind Santa Lucia Riverwalk’s popularity for the tour in Monterrey. 

Fundidora Park

It’s the next level of exciting tour in Monterrey that will enhance your trekking Santa Lucia Riverwalk. To cherish such a vibe, you should take a slight turn from Lucia Riverwalk. With this, you will be liable to enjoy many attractions accessible in Fundidora Park.

Featuring playgrounds; an artificial lake; a sports arena with an ice rink; a water park; anyone could find it an exhilarating tourist place in Monterrey to explore. Furthermore, the park even features the CONARTE art facility, including a hotel and convention center facility. 

The city’s small yet popular zoo, Parque Zoologico La Pastora, and Parque Loroventura, are the other classification that exist through this park. Here, you can even discover an adventure playground fascinated with giant dinosaur sculptures, birds of up to 80 species, and a diversity of kids rides.

Mexican History Museum

Including the superb Pre-Columbian artifacts’ collection, it took stand in the city in 1994. The Mexican History Museum facilitates the people with the enriched replicas from the history of mexico. 

If you take interest in nailing the history or mystery, you should definitely consider this place on your itinerary to explore in Monterrey. Through this museum, you can experience the cultural, economic, and political portrait. 

To make your excursion through this museum, you should head out to the boat rides or else go for the mouthwatering food court.

Activities to Enjoy Through the Trip to Monterrey Mexico

Here’s the list of some outdoor activities that you can enjoy while trekking across the tourist places in Monterrey.

  • Cultural, economic, and political portrait at Mexican History Museum
  • Eat Some Cabrito
  • Overview from Mirador del Obispado
  • mountain biking and hiking at Cerro de la Silla
  • Click photos along the picturesque

Where Should I Stay in Monterrey?

Here are the following places that you can consider to stay as per your budget.

Luxury Hotels

  • Grand Fiesta Americana Monterrey Valle
  •  Live Aqua Urban Resort Monterrey
  • Quinta Real Monterrey

Mid-range Hotels

  • Fiesta Americana Monterrey Pabellón M
  • MS Milenium
  • NH Collection Monterrey San Pedro

Budget Friendly

  • Hotel Ibis Monterrey Valle
  • Misión Monterrey Centro Historico
  • Fiesta Inn Monterrey Valle

When is the Best Time to Visit Monterrey, Mexico?

Are you looking for the best time to visit Monterrey? So that you would explore all the attractions in the destination without any interruption. Then, you should plan your trip to Monterrey  from February to April. Weather is truly mild during these months which is good for discovering the destination.