Previous blogs referred to and described transponders and remote control automobile keys or key fobs. To reiterate:

• Key Fob: the key contains a remote part that allows users to unlock doors, open the trunk, and activate/deactivate the alarm. Users start the vehicle with a key, which is usually a switchblade key that folds into the unit.

• Transponder Key: this key also has a remote part that functions in the same manner as a key fob. Users also start the vehicle with a key. Transponders keys, however, do not fold.

Okay, but, what’s the real difference?

Key fobs utilize radio-frequency identification waves to communicate with the vehicle. Barcodes employ electromagnetic fields to find or detect saved data or tags. In sum, the tags deliver the data to the remote through radio frequencies.

Transponder keys, on the other hand, use microchips to communicate with the vehicle. The microchips are inside the unit. This difference is integral to the vehicle’s security. Criminals can hack into a key fob’s radio signals and duplicate the key fob. But, they cannot hack into a microchip and, thus, cannot duplicate a transponder key. The transponder, therefore, offers more anti-theft protection.

Because of this advanced technology, most premium cars use transponders or smart keys (which future blogs will cover). Over the years, transponder keys have drastically diminished theft.

Transponder keys often require repair, maintenance, reprogramming and replacement. While a dealer can assist, they usually require towing, which can cause delays, and their fees can be exorbitant.

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