Are you looking for a permanent solution on how to resolve Cricut issues? If you agree with us, then you are in luck. Working with an electric Cricut cutting machine can be exciting and difficult. At a certain point, the device gets exhausted due to constant use. Due to excessive usage, the DIYer gets frequent errors while creating something new.


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In addition, users are provided with various models of heat presses, materials and blades, as well as smart cutting machines. Moreover, you get to use Cricut Design Space to create your craft projects. For more on eliminating day-to-day complaints when using a Cricut machine, see the section below.

Cricut Design Space Related Issues

Some of the common Cricut issues that the user will encounter while using the software are given below:

Issue 1: Why Am I Receiving a 404-HTTP Error Notification at Design Space?

If you solve the error of receiving 404-error notifications, then follow the steps mentioned in the section below:

  1. Try to clear the cookies and caches. If it doesn’t help, open the app on a different search engine: Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Safari, etc.
  2. Next, try to open Design Space on another PC. If none helps, then immediately contact the company’s Member Care team.

Issue 2: Why Am I Getting (-2) Errored Numbers While Sending the Project to Cricut Machine?

The (-2) error indicates the ‘Not Supported’ message during the process. However, you can solve one of these Cricut issues with the steps in the section below:

  1. Ensure you use the Explore or Maker model to create the project because other machines aren’t compatible with this software.
  2. Cross-check whether your web browser is updated. You can also choose another search engine to check whether the app is opening.
  3. Lastly, ensure that your software satisfies the system requirements needed to run the software.

Cricut Explore & Maker Machines Related Issues

Here you’ll learn about the Explore series Cricut issues and how to resolve them:

Issue 1: Why My Cricut Maker/Explore Machine is Making Unusual Noises?

There are several reasons why your Cricut must be making unusual noises. However, you can solve this error through these steps:

  1. First, look that the machine isn’t physically damaged from any side.
  2. Second, ensure you are using the correct power cord that came with the machine.
  3. However, if the issue continues after completing Step 1 & Step 2, quickly call Member Care and submit your grievance.

Issue 2: Why is My Cricut Machine Tearing or Dragging Through the Material?

Follow these steps to solve the Cricut issue of the machine tearing or dragging the material during the process:

  1. First, be sure that you’ve selected the correct material setting in the Design Space.
  2. Then, cross-check the image’s size and intricacy or remove the machine’s blade housing to check the debris.
  3. At last, purchase a new blade/mat, as both might be causing the issue.

Cricut Joy Model Related Issues

Apart from the Design Space app & Maker or Explore, another model which faces Cricut issues regularly is the Joy model. Have a look at the section below:

Issue 1:  Why is My Cricut Joy Roller Bar Continuously Rolling?

This issue might be caused by interfering with mat/material sensors. This error can be resolved by completing the following steps:

  1. You need to switch off the machine and unplug the machine.
  2. After that, use compressed air or a microfiber cloth to clean the machine sensors.
  3. However, if cleaning off the sensors with these methods didn’t fix the issues, directly visit Member Care.

Issue 2: Why the Machine isn’t Cutting Through the Material?

To get the answer about why your machine isn’t able to cut the loaded material, follow the steps explained below:

  1. First, ensure you use the right cut setting for the chosen material.
  2. Second, ensure that the blade housing is correctly seated on the Clamp.

Cricut Mug Press Related Issues

Additionally, if you are coming across Cricut issues while operating the Mug Press, then read the following section:

Issue 1: What is the Correct Way to Connect With Press?

If you want to connect using Mug Press to create the design, you must ensure the power cord is connected to the press and outlet. After that, switch the press button, and it’ll flash orange. Connect USB Cable to press & computer.

Issue 2: How to Avoid Black Dots During the Mug Pressing?

You must ensure your surroundings are clear to avoid black dots during pressing. Trim the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet liner close to the design and avoid working directly in front of the fans.

Cricut Auto Press Related Issues

Followed by the legacy of Cricut issues, have a look here to learn about the Auto Press glitches:

Issue 1: How to Ignore Press Marks on the Projects?

Open the blank and start sliding over the mat/platen so that only one layer of the base material is on the mat. Besides, place the pressing pillow inside the blank to elevate and support the pressing area.

Issue 2: Why My Auto Press isn’t Switching on When I’ve Plugged in the Power Cord?

You must be 100% clear that you’ve inserted the power cord into the correct wall outlet. Other than that, als try to insert the power cord into another wall outlet to check for any machine errors. Call the Member Care team if these steps don’t solve the issue.

Cricut Hat Press Related Issues

The electric Hat Press also experiences regular Cricut issues while operating it. However, this issue can get its permanent solution with the help of the info mentioned in the section below:

Issue 1:  Why Does My Heat Press Automatically Turn Off?

Cricut Hat Press comes with a feature of Auto-Shut Off for the users. Under this, the press automatically turns it off after not being used for at least 13 minutes. So you shouldn’t get worried about it.

Issue 2: Why are the Heat Wave Lights on My Hat Press Blinking?

If the lights blink red or orange on the press, this indicates that the press has something of an error. You need to plug out the press cable for at least 30 seconds and plug it back to see the results.


To sum up, there’s no need to despair when it comes to troubleshooting Cricut issues. By following the quick and effective solutions provided in this blog, you can overcome common roadblocks and enhance your crafting experience. Remember to be patient, refer to reliable resources, and use the troubleshooting techniques outlined here to fix any Cricut problems that may arise. With these easy solutions, you can unleash your creativity and enjoy uninterrupted crafting sessions with your Cricut machine.

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