The world of web positioning is complicated. There are many aspects to it: on-page SEO and off-page, local SEO, and content SEO. It is complex and covers many areas.

Before you embark on an SEO project or hire the services of a Digital Specialist in this field, it is important to understand the specificities.

This article is about the main SEO types, to help you function in the most complicated areas of digital marketing.

Types of SEO based on implementation

This classification is the most popular in the SEO sector because it separates SEO into three main areas: on-page, technical, and content SEO.

Content SEO

This refers to optimizing content in different formats (text and images) to adapt it to users’ needs and search engines. These are actions that result in changes and adaptations to the content.

They include creating optimized text using the required keywords, image optimization, creating attractive metatags for search engines and users, and having a good hiding hierarchy.


On-page Search

SEO on page (also known as technical SEO) refers to all actions we must take on our website to meet Google’s requirements. These include optimizing loading times, detecting 404 errors, and maintaining a web structure. Do you know what is robot txt in SEO?

These actions require technical knowledge at the web programming levels.


Off-page SEO or Link Building

Google considers authority when positioning websites. This is measured by the number of links a website gets from other pages. If your content is excellent, other websites will share it. They will also include a link to ours on their pages, which will give us authority.

Although this technique is very effective in improving our positioning, it can also be risky. Websites linking to our eCommerce must have similar subject matter and authority.


Types of SEO based on the location

We can perform any of the following types of SEO depending on what we are trying to achieve with our positioning:

Local SEO

It involves actions to position our site locally or regionally. It is considered the easiest SEO because it targets specific locations.

This type of SEO requires an optimized listing on Google my Business, as well as appearing in Google Maps and being registered in the major local directories.


National SEO

General SEO, also known as national SEO, is the position that your website that appears when someone searches for your products or services online from any part of the country.

Due to the higher competition, this type of SEO will take longer to achieve good traffic results.


International SEO

International SEO can be used when we wish to get traffic from other countries. It is also important to translate any content to position landing pages or articles internationally. Let’s start by looking at the key keywords that we need to place in each language.


Types of SEO based on the practices

There are two types of SEO: those that strictly follow Google’s guidelines and those that want to use shortcuts to get quick and easy results.


White Hat SEO

These are the positioning actions that conform to Google’s policies. They include creating quality content (SEO Content), optimizing our site as much as possible, and having natural and high-quality links. This is achieved by doing things right and maintaining a positive long-term position.


Black Hat SEO

You can position actions that do not follow Google’s guidelines. This could result in you being penalized. Hidden links, hidden content, and keyword spamming are some of the most common back-hat actions.