When considering the Philippines to visit, you will get a combination of answers for the famous food. Among those answers, the most heard would be the chicken inasal. That’s because the authenticity of its recipe is easy to follow up. So, let’s begin with this topic.

Is Chicken Inasal a famous cuisine?

Every country has some special flavors that you would find typically in their cuisines. When we talk about the Philippines, the taste and flavors of the famous cuisines take you to Bacolod city. The chicken inasal origin lies in the same city. Many of you might not be familiar with either the city or its famous dish, but those who are familiar with they would reach the exact point.chicken-inasal

You cannot associate only one dish with this country, but you will find a variety of dishes. Chicken-made dishes get more popular with visitors and locals. Every recipe is unique, but those who live in the Philippines use authentic recipes for making the dish. Similarly, even if they travel and sell the dish in other parts of the world, it is necessary to carry the same flavors.

You will be amazed that many roadside café or luxury restaurants include this dish in their menu card. However, the dish tastes the same wherever it is available. If you are wondering how the taste is the same, you are missing out on the special ingredient. This special ingredient is the Dingolay Hot sauce. Consider this hot sauce a magic ingredient that enhances the original flavors of the dish.

What makes the hot sauce a perfect combo with the dish?

As mentioned above, the taste of chicken inasal is fantastic only with the addition of hot sauces. This statement usually takes us back to how these sauces came into existence.  Nowadays, almost every supermarket, café, and restaurant provide a huge variety of hot sauces. You will find their availability in a variety of flavors.

However, initially, there wasn’t the availability of so many flavors. People who discovered the first bottle of hot sauce weren’t familiar with what it would taste like. They generally exchanged, or you can say, traded different kinds of peppers to make their dishes taste hot and spicy. Also, they cross different breaded peppers to produce distinctive variants.

Soon after, they almost ended the maximum flavors they could achieve. Then they decided to produce something different. However, it was a pure experiment by adding vinegar to water for dilution. Then, add the peppers and even measure their level of hotness on a scale. Within a short period, the first hot sauce got ready. It tasted superb, and those who tasted it enjoyed it. Hence, they got the opportunity to add different peppers, like the Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, and produce the hot sauce. They even added other ingredients while making the sauces.

When combined with this chicken recipe with either Dingolay mango and pineapple or original tropical gourmet hot sauce, it tastes yummy.

The most tempting chicken dish you’ve ever tried

Have you ever tried grilled or barbequed chicken? If yes, then you can understand what the dish tastes like. Once you visit any Bacolod restaurant to eat this dish, you will love its taste. It tastes exotic. Once you buy it, you will love to cook the recipe at home.chicken-inasal-recipe

The term inasal refers to skewered or grilled chicken. Past time the actual method of cooking this dish has evolved. The recipe involves the marination of chicken with spices and then grilling it. The size and shape of the chicken are up to your choice. Use small to medium-sized to make it tender after grilling. Just like you marinate ordinary chicken, the same technique goes for this recipe.

So, to start the recipe, you require vinegar, lemon juice, lemon soda, salt, pepper, ginger garlic paste, lemon grass, dingolay hot sauce, or any spice you want to add to it. For ingredients to fully get into the chicken, you can create holes in it with a fork.

Now on a grilling pan, spray some oil and place the marinade pieces of chicken. One by one, flip their sides and wait for them to cook on both sides. When properly cooked, the dish looks perfectly juicy, tender from the inside, and smoky flavored.

People usually serve it along with boiled white rice.


Chicken inasal is undoubtedly a dish enriched with juicy flavors and beautiful smoky colors and texture. It comes with the easiest recipe, which involves only the marination and grilling.