Seek forgiveness 

Umrah is known to be an expedition for the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it is related to personal and social life in Islam. Therefore, it brings a lot of joy and excitement to the families of pilgrims. Family, friends, and relatives gather around in their houses and help the person going for Umrah in different manners. They help them to plan their pilgrimage and arrange all the necessities they would need for the pilgrimage, which creates an atmosphere of peace, Serenity, and harmony.

Before you begin your umrah journey, you should visit your neighbors, friends, mentors, and teachers. They should seek forgiveness for any wrongs/ hurtful actions they could have done in the past. It is a good opportunity to clear your grudges and says farewell before the pilgrimage. Furthermore, it is recommended that you make duas for everyone you know while performing Umrah.


Astawdi’ukumu-llaha-lladhi la taḍi’u wada’i’uh – Ibn as-Sunni (506), an-Nasa’i (508), and al-Futuhat (5/114). Ibn Hajar states that this is a ḥasan hadith.


I now leave you to be in Allah’s care, the almighty who ensures that nothing entrusted to Him is lost.

Pay Zakat

Zakat is a part of one of the best five pillars of Islam that makes you a complete Muslim. So If you are getting ready for Umrah, it is essential to perform all duties and obligations that are expected of and bound upon the pilgrim. Helping people who are in need through zakat is essential. It can be in the form of food and money. Donations are one of the essential deeds that are to be performed while one is going to be a guest at Kaaba Makkah.

Perform Salah and recite Duas

One is advised to perform  Salah and make duas for different purposes and has many different preferences. For those who are going to Umrah, they are recommended to pray for their safety during the pilgrimage. Pilgrims should perform two rak’ahs of salah for protection as they leave their houses. Scholars recommend a few Surahs that are intended for pilgrims’ well-being while they are returning from the Umrah.

After you have offered the prayer. Make dua for a safe journey, calling for Allah’s help and blessing throughout their journey. Some of the most known prayers you should recite while leaving are:


Allahumma ilayka tawajjaht, wa bika-‘taṣamt. Allahumma-kfini m hammani wa ma la ahtammu lah. Allahumma zawwijni-t-taqwa wa-ghfir li dhanbi, wa wajjihni li-l-khayri aynama tawajjaht – Ibn as-Sunni (496) and al-Futuhut (5/11)


O Allah, to You I turn and hold. Be my sufficiency, one that preoccupies me and also the one that does not. Forgive my sins, and always turn me towards the good and the pious.

Umrah is the sacred journey that every Muslim aspires to all his life. It is the greatest wish of any Muslim. Finally, upon invitation to the house of the Almighty, there are several things that a pilgrim must do before performing Umrah. Here we give some tips that will make your trip unforgettable.

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For a smooth and worry-free journey. Knowledge is useful; everything you want to do requires vision and deep knowledge. Since Umrah packages 2023 is one of the most dreamy trips for Muslims, you need to plan ahead to know everything you are doing and everywhere you visit. So, read a lot before going to the holy land because knowledge will always be preserved.

Knowledge of Umrah rituals;

It is about something other than information about sites, routes, and other things. Still, it also needs to have complete information about previous Umrah rituals. For example, if you don’t know what an Ihram is or how you should wear it, then you obviously won’t be able to wear it or wear it properly. Performing rituals improperly or in the wrong way simply because of a lack of knowledge will not bring virtue. Still, it will also become a sin for all you have done.


Before going to Umrah, education about the history and antiquity of Islam is essential. It will give your trip a real meaning to take. You need to know the context of what you’re doing so that you understand the true meaning of visiting a holy place. Also, visit the religious sites in Makkah and Madinah. If you have children with you, your Umrah trip will not only be a religious one but also become a joy for the children. In this way, they will be able to learn Islam better.

Handling personal affairs;

Solving your personal problem and making arrangements before going to the holy land is essential. If your brain is blocked by something physical, chances are you won’t be able to properly perform the Umrah ritual. A pilgrim must fulfill his personal plans and deal with his responsibilities at home, just as he must make advance arrangements for supplies in Mecca and Medina.

Pay the bill;

Be sure to pay all bills that need to be paid so that upon your return, you can attend to your guests, who will visit you to congratulate you on this sacred journey. If you don’t make clear payments and abandon your children, they will be affected by the problem and by you. If no one is home, when you return, the first thing you might get is a bill payment notice, which is not good.

Educate your children;

If you are going to make your Umrah journey memorable or carefree, homeschooling your children is very important. Many pilgrims with younger children or infants who cannot stay home alone have brought them to the Holy Land, but not every pilgrim can do this. Many pilgrims need help to afford it or want to perform their Umrah without hindrance. If you bring children, you obviously have to take care of them, and you cannot give special attention to your Ibadah. Leaving the kids is a much better idea. So educate your kids about do’s and don’ts, as this may be their first time at home without a parent. You should also give them to loved ones you can trust. Also, teach your child how to live with others. If you educate your child sufficiently, you can easily take your Umrah and make it a memorable trip.

Bring documents;

Pilgrims must bring all their trip documents and documents that prove their identity. This is for your own safety, and to ensure that your journey is safe without any incident, pilgrims are advised to carry all documents related to their journey from the moment they arrive. Departure to your country.


A pilgrim must have a sufficient amount of the currency of the country he uses and the currency of Saudi Arabia so that he can avoid any inconvenience in the case and fully concentrate on the Ibadah.