If you have a sprinkler system installed at your Pasadena home or business, chances are that at some point you will run into issues that require professional repair or replacement. That’s where sprinkler repair Pasadena experts like Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers can help. We are experienced local sprinkler repair companies serving Pasadena and the surrounding areas. In this blog, we will explain some of the most common sprinkler problems we see and provide tips on how to maintain your system to help avoid issues.

Clogs and Leaks

One of the most frequent issues sprinkler repair companies encounter is clogs in the sprinkler heads or supply lines that prevent water from flowing properly. Debris like dirt, leaves, and grit can build up over time and restrict water flow, leading to dry spots in your lawn or garden. If you notice certain zones in your sprinkler system aren’t popping up or you have very low water pressure, there is likely some type of obstruction. A skilled technician from Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers can troubleshoot the issue and clear out any clogs or mineral deposits that have accumulated.

In addition to flow problems from clogs, leaks anywhere along the sprinkler line can also cause irrigation systems to malfunction. Leaks are often difficult to detect since water may be escaping underground. But even minor leaks can result in soaking ground, waste water, higher bills, and damage if left unaddressed. Our technicians have specialized leak detection equipment to pinpoint the location of leaks quickly so they can be repaired.

Broken or Damaged Sprinkler Heads

It is very common for sprinkler heads to become broken or damaged—from kids playing rough in the yard to lawn mowers accidentally running them over. Impact with solid objects is one of the leading causes of damaged sprinkler components. The sprinkler body or swing joints may crack and lead to significant water loss and flooding. Professional replacement of broken sprinkler heads by Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers’ experienced sprinkler technicians restores uniform coverage to your landscape.

Similarly, if a sprinkler head is not rotating properly and water sprays in one spot instead of dispersing evenly, adjustment or replacement of worn components is likely needed. Rotor sprinkler heads have small gearbox mechanisms that can wear out over years of use. Regardless of the specific problem, your local sprinkler repair companies Pasadena can troubleshoot and fix malfunctioning and broken sprinkler heads.

Faulty Automatic Valves

The valves in sprinkler systems control zones or station—opening and closing to allow water to flow through the designated section. Issues with automatic valves are common calls for sprinkler repair companies. Valves may leak even when off, preventing the system from building necessary water pressure. They can get stuck and fail to open on schedule to permit water flow. Damaged diaphragms, faulty solenoids that control valve opening and closing, and material buildup can all impact valve performance.

Rather than replacing the entire valve, a trained technician like those available from Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers can often disassemble the valve, inspect components, clean parts, and replace damaged pieces to restore valve operation. But if a valve cannot be rebuilt and reopened reliably, full replacement is required.

Timers or Controllers On the Blink

At the heart of every underground sprinkler system is an automatic timer or controller that activates zones on a programmed schedule. When these sprinkler timers malfunction and become locked in the “on” position, fail to activate at all, or turn on erratically, it wreaks havoc with your irrigation schedule and plants. Controller damage from power surges is a leading cause of timer malfunctions.

Programming errors or confusing displays and buttons can also lead homeowners to input the wrong schedules. The good news is that troubleshooting by an expert technician from Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers can solve most timer troubles. We can override stuck controllers, upload programs if yours has become corrupted, and replace control boards or the entire unit if unfixable problems occur. With the timer restored, your sprinkler system will run like clockwork again.

Preventing Sprinkler System Issues

The best way to avoid major sprinkler headaches and damage is preventative maintenance. Here are some top tips:

  • Inspect visible system parts regularly for leaks and damage
  • Clear debris around heads routinely to avoid clogs
  • Adjust spray patterns properly for all plants and lawn areas
  • Drain and winterize the system before first freeze to prevent problems
  • Optimize watering schedules and run times for local weather and plants
  • Test valve opening and closing at the start of each season
  • Replace worn rotor head gears and swing joints proactively

By following these maintenance steps and contacting Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers at the first sign of problems, you can keep your sprinkler system operating smoothly all season. Not only will that lead to healthier landscaping, but also conserve resources and trim expenses from costly emergency repairs down the road.

As veteran local sprinkler repair companies serving Pasadena for a couple of years, we have truly seen it all when it comes to irrigation issues. We hope this overview will help you to spot common problems and be better prepared to restore smooth operation. Please contact Maryland Lighting and Sprinklers if you have questions or need expert sprinkler system help—no job is too big or too small for our experienced technicians!