Does a firm mattress do your back any favors? This is a common query we get from people who have back pain while sleeping. The quick answer is that it depends on your individual needs and that a firm feel and a supportive mattress are two different things. In most cases, people who experience back pain after getting out of bed to do so because their mattress doesn’t provide enough support for their spine.

Your weight, preferred feel, and preferred sleeping position are all factors that affect the kind of mattress you need. For instance, a firmer mattress may perform a terrific job of adequately dispersing your weight throughout the mattress, depending on your weight and sleeping position, or it may cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and pelvis, which can result in lower back pain.

You could not be getting the proper support for your back pain if your mattress is too soft (as in unsupportive) or too firm (as in overly supportive). A mattress that is too supportive could prevent your body from naturally imprinting on the mattress, which would otherwise aid to provide the best support for your spine. Meanwhile, the risk of back pain might rise while using a mattress of poor quality and little support.

A good night’s sleep and the reduction of back discomfort are related, according to Spine-Health. For instance, if you have trouble sleeping, your body won’t be able to create the right hormones, which are necessary for your body to mend itself while you sleep and reduce discomfort. So, to have the perfect sleep you require the perfect mattress. After carrying out several types of research, it is found that Uratex has the ideal mattresses to have a good night’s sleep. The firmness that they provide is perfect to sleep.

Robert G. Cheng, the founder of Uratex, set out to fulfill his aim of giving every Filipino a comfortable mattress at a fair price. In 1968, he co-founded Polyfoam Chemical Corporation with his wife Natividad Y. Cheng, investing Php 4,000 and hiring 10 workers. To meet the expanding needs of other industries, the name of the company was changed to RGC/Uratex Group of Companies.

In 2020, they purchased the Hennecke Quadrofoamat, a machine that embodies the most cutting-edge technology in foaming (QFM). For effective material handling, a 45 x 60-meter block rack and gantry system were also erected. For over a decade, Uratex has been developing machinery to ensure that each customer receives the ideal mattress for their back. Their goal is to be the customer’s first option by offering dependable products and services. Such methods are ideal for the satisfaction of a customer and Uratex offers technological advancements to come up with the perfect mattress for the customers. They make up mattresses for every sleeper to make sure everyone gets the best result.

The correct mattress can be tailored to each sleeper’s specific demands and preferences. If the support layer is made up of the proper materials, it is simple to obtain a supporting mattress that yet feels the way you want it to (for instance, soft). To receive the best result Uratex is the ideal platform for users to get a firm and worthy mattress.