What’s USB switch

Since you are reading this article, you may be interested in controlling 2 PCs via one set of keyboard, mouse, and maybe other peripherals like a headset and webcam. Getting two keyboards, mouses, and peripherals for each server? What a waste of money. Practically, you may need double space for the whole setup. Or else, moving around and switching seats between two desktops could be upsetting.

USB switch is a box with which you can connect two computing devices together with a set of USB peripherals. For example, you can connect your keyboard, mouse, headset, and gamepad to your personal computer and a gaming console like Nintendo or PS5 at the same time.

Working on your personal computer and switching to the entertainment mode for a gaming break – this could happen without any hassle with a quick hit on a switch button.

How a USB switch is used?

Here are some different combinations you can make use of to flexibly integrate your USB devices with your PCs, laptops, or gaming consoles into one system.

With 2 monitors for each device

With a USB switch, your USB peripherals could be easily routed to connect to one of your computing devices, how about switching the display? If you already have two monitors, connect one to the first PC and one to the other and use a USB switch to have a USB hub shared between them. The only thing is that you have to swap between two screens as you switch devices.

With 1 monitor for both devices

  • Use it together with an HDMI switch

If you have only one monitor for both of your PCs (or laptops, game consoles, etc.), you may need an HDMI switch to have the display switch between two devices. There are products designed for this use. For example, with this HDMI switch, you can connect one monitor to 2 computing (one for VGA and one for HDMI) devices and switch easily using an IR remote.

  • Use it with a display of more than one input

Ok, you still have only one monitor and maybe you can check the number of inputs available for connection. If your monitor supports more than one HDMI input, try connecting two HDMI cables to both of your PCs and see if the monitor itself has the feature to switch among different sources. Don’t forget to check the standard of the HDMI ports if you have some special requirements (resolution, refresh rate, etc.) for your video.

Well, you may ask can I just use one box and integrate the monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and 2 PCs altogether? That’s a good question and this is a genuine need for most users.

KVM switch

KVM is short for Keyboard, Video, and Monitor. Video stands for the display or monitor you would need for the video output. A KVM switch, self-evidently, combines these control devices into one set of console and enables the connection to more than one computing device.

KVM switch is like a one-stop device that integrates the features of a USB switch and an HDMI switch. KVM switch has more rich uses in different areas, both for families and businesses.

how does a kvm switch work
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A USB switch helps save you space, money and boost efficiency if you do work on multiple devices at the same room. The smooth switching is about being fast, and more than that. Its the ease of switching between different modes in life.