DChel Valves is the Leading Gate Valve Manufacturer in India. One of our popular products in the Metal Market is Gate Valves. These Gate Valves can be customised to meet the needs of our customers and are offered in a range of sizes, shapes, and dimensions. The only type of valves that D Chel Valves offers and supplies are pressure sealed gate valves. We put gate valves through a number of toughness and hardness tests before making them available to our customers. International ASTM/ASME, ANSI, API, and DIN Standards are followed in the production of our gate valves and its variants in India. Our premium line of stainless steel pressure sealed gate valves is specifically made for the petrochemical, chemical, steel, fire protection, shipping, and other related industries. A gate valve requires more than one 360° turn to fully open or close. As soon as the gate is opened, the


Gate valves can have a stem that rises or doesn’t rise. Rising stems show where the valve is located. A non-rising stem valve’s upper end can have a pointer threaded onto it to show the valve’s position. In situations where vertical space is limited or underground, non-rising stems are frequently used. A gate valve opens by being lifted out of the way of the flow of fluid. When fluid flow in a straight line with little restriction is required, gate valves are frequently used because the sealing surfaces between the gate and seats are planar.

The two main types of gate valves are parallel and wedge-shaped. Typically, gate valves are made to be either fully opened or closed. If not specifically created for the purpose, gates


Types Of Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valves have the following benefits: compact design, sensible construction, material conservation, reliable sealing, convenient operation, small volume, full passage flow, low flow resistance, low weight, simple installation, and maintenance.


Pressure Sealed Gate Valve

Characteristics include Full Port or Reduced Bore, Back-seating, Renewable Seat Ring, Pressure Sealed, Flexible or Split Wedge Design, and Optional Upset Forged T-head Stem Design.

Material: WCB,LCB, CF8,CF8M, CF3,CF3M, WC6,WC9, C5,C12 or Equivalent


Threaded Gate Valve

Investment casting body, wedge disc, and integral seat are its features.

Material: SS 316 (ASTM A351 CF8M), SS 304( ASTM A351 CF8), WCB


Cast Steel Gate Valve

Characteristics: Solid, Flexible or Split Wedge Design, Back-seating, Renewable Seat Ring, Full Port Or Reduced Bore, Optional Upset forged T-head Stem Design.


DIN Gate Valve

Characteristics: Full bore Ensured, Solid Wedge Disc, Suitable medium: water, oil, gas.

Material: Metal Seat (Brass ,Bronze or Stainless steel Trim).


Bellow Sealed Gate Valve

Characteristics: Face to Face Dimension: Manufacturer Standard, Construction: Standard & Sealing Type, High Pressure Ratings.

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